Destiny 2 Changes Weekly Reset Time and Announces PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Updates

Destiny 2 Changes

There is a new blog post on Bungie’s official website, which means that the studio has news related to Destiny 2. The crucial adjustment that will occur shortly will be the change of weekly reset time. The players know that the game currently resets every Tuesday at 9 AM PT. That will continue to be the trend until December 5, when the restart will occur a little earlier – at 1 AM PST. The weekly resets will continue from that point on at that time.

The reason that Bungie decided to do this was to coincide releasing new content with weekly resets. In the original Destiny, some players were not getting new rewards because they were affected by the restart. The developers want to resolve those issues and offer a uniform experience for all gamers.

Update for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Coming with Season Two

December 5 will be a significant date for Destiny 2 fans. That is when the season two will kick off, and it is also the official release date of the Curse of Osiris expansion. Owners of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro have another reason to look forward to the start of the next month. Bungie also announced that they would be releasing the console patch that will meet new hardware’s potential.

Although PlayStation 4 Pro has been on the market for a year, Microsoft’s console was released just last week. Considering that the manufacturer claims it is the most powerful console out there, it will be interesting to see how Destiny 2 will look like on it after the latest update. According to the developer, we can expect “HDR lighting along with stunning gameplay.”

If you are wondering about 4K support, that’s also one of the crucial features of the patch. According to reports, we shouldn’t expect native 4K, but an adaptive Ultra-HD resolution can also deliver incredible results.

Earn Double XP in Destiny 2

In other news revealed by Bungie, players will get a little boost. You will have the chance to earn double XP during the weekend that starts on November 17. The increase in points only applies to clan activity, which means now is the perfect time to join a team. The event is called Clarion Call, but it won’t be the only one under this name. In fact, the future events will be focused on gamers who are focused on playing solo.

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