Destiny 2: Black Armory Announced for December 4th – Season of the Forge Coming

Destiny 2 Season of the Forge

Black Armory is the name of the next huge update for Destiny 2. The date for adding fresh content will be December 4th, but Bungie warned that unpredictable problems may occur in the days before the update is launched.

It will apparently take a week for the developers to implement everything to ensure that Black Armory functions flawlessly, which is why it is essential for the players to have patience. This was revealed in the official blog post where the authors announce that they will release the changes you may expect (so, the list of things that could go wrong). Also, anyone who experiences a bug or anything wrong with the game should immediately report it to the developers.

The Season of the Forge Is Starting Soon

The Season of the Forge in Destiny 2 starts on November 27th and the Black Armory is a part of this season. This will not be the last season available as we can expect two more and one of them will be named the Season of the Drifter. When it comes to the one starting this month, you can expect additional weapons, Crucible content, as well as the Dawning event. If you hold an annual pass, you will receive fury and light weapons with the Black Armory, as well a fresh Forges of the Chain activity, exotics, raid lair, and legendaries.

There are some other announcements listed, such as the event called Double Infamy, which will occur from November 20th November 23rd and will immediately be followed by the Triple Infamy event in the next four days. The good news for those who love the game is that there is about an entire year of new content in development. This is what the developers revealed and pinpointed that they are planning to add extra free content soon.

Apparently, Bungie and Activision have big plans for Destiny 2. Although the game is undoubtedly very popular, Activision is actually not thrilled with the sales of Forsaken expansion. Perhaps this is an indication that the company will focus on microtransactions in an effort to generate extra income.

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