Death Stranding first thoughts, gameplay and release date

Have you ever heard of Hideo Kojima? Let me put it in another way – have you ever play Metal Gear Solid series? If you did, you should know that the man responsible for creating MGS franchise is Kojima, Japanese mastermind who worked at Konami up until the end of 2015. Things changed from then – the video game designer and screenwriter left his previous company and founded his studio. He also made an agreement with Sony that should soon bring us a new game that will offer a whole new perspective on the action genre. The game will be called Death Stranding and here is what we know about it so far.

Why Are We Even Talking About It?

It’s the first project Kojima started since he left Konami and it has to be big because he got Sony on board. That will make Death Stranding a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and we know that AAA games that only appear on a single console tend to be great. Besides, Kojima seems to have a lot of trust in his new idea, considering that he announced the game in a big way last year and hired famous actors to do voice-overs, including Guillermo Del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) and Norman Reedus (Walking Dead). On top of that, Kojima never disappointed us in creating weird and mind-bending action games that were nothing short of fantastic.

It Will Be an Open-World Action Game

Death Stranding will use Decima engine, developed by Guerrilla Games Studio, the team who released Horizon Zero Dawn earlier this year. Considering that HZD had great success ever since the publication, we can be encouraged by the decision Kojima made. The engine not only offers excellent rendering but also AI, physics and other components to “create a unique world.” Aside from that, according to Kojima, the engine is extremely suitable for working on open-world games, so we can safely claim that Death Stranding will be an action game where you can freely roam any way you see fit.

As for other details about the new title, they are still shrouded in mystery, and we only get a hint or two here and there. Kojima doesn’t hide that he wants to make something new.

“When I worked on Metal Gear Solid, it was an action game where you need to use your sneaking skills. It didn’t have a genre of its own then, and now it is classified as a stealth game. That being said, I believe Death Stranding will also provide a lot of action, but it will also offer something new and different to players,” said the Japanese designer in an interview.

According to Kojima, people who tried themselves in the action genre will quickly get used to the game, but after playing it for a couple of hours, they will have a feeling like they are playing something different than other titles have to offer. We also know that Death Stranding will have online elements incorporated, and it will provide co-op playing for multiple players.

Why Death Stranding?

The mastermind behind the game also talked about why he chose that name.

“I was inspired by the dolphins and whales that sometimes strand on a beach. The title itself is something that comes from another world and gets stranded on our planet.”

As for the story, Kojima revealed that he was inspired by Kobo Abe, the Japanese playwright, and writer.

death stranding main character

“He believes that the first tool humanity thought of and used was a stick to protect itself and keep a distance from the bad things. The next tool was a rope which had the role of securing all the things important to you. Most of the instruments used in action games are sticks – you hit, shoot or communicate with a stick. However, I want to include the rope into the concept.”

As you can see, Kojima likes to talk in codes and symbolism, but he also published two trailers that offer us something more about Death Stranding.

What Can We Find Out from the Trailers?

One thing is sure – Reedus will be the main character, and you will control him in the game. The trailer begins on the beach where we notice dead sea life – whales, crabs, etc. The camera zooms to our main character, which is passed out, naked, and wearing a handcuff (broken). As he slowly gets up, we notice that he is holding a baby in his hands. However, the infant disappears, and Reedus is left with oily hands and invisible baby steps moving away from him. Seems to be an obvious hint at how the humanity mistreats nature and that can affect the existence of the future generations, but the whole trailer is also very cryptic.

Another trailer that stars Guillermo Del Toro features a bombed-out city and him as an authority figure. The pin on his suit reveals us that the game is set in the United Stated of America. As for the timeline, it seems that it’s somewhere after the World War II, considering that we can see US paratroopers from that era. Mikkelsen’s character is also featured, and it seems that he can command the dead soldiers, and we can see the mysterious baby again.

Kojima said that the trailer was inspired by the idea that “life and death are intertwined. The animals are mutually connected, people too, you’ve got so many things that share a connection.” There are a lot of different rumors on the internet, but a safe bet is that biotechnology and necromancy will be implemented in the plot in some way, as well as the importance of children.

When Will It Be Out?

Kojima doesn’t hide that there is plenty of work to be done on Death Stranding. The only thing that’s for sure is that we should see a game appear before the end of 2018, which means that we need to be patient until we get the chance to play the game that should offer great innovation to the action genre.

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