Deadly Premonition was never the type of game one would associate a sequel with. It had its own story, with its conclusion wrapping up the whole thing nicely by the end. But I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that a new one was revealed. Swery didn’t joke with us, in the slightest, when he decided to create a sequel.

A recent interview with the voice of the game’s main protagonist gave us insight into what to expect from this new release. Let us once again dive into the bizarre world of Swery, and experience this madhouse once again. And while we do so, I will have a hot cup of coffee to go with it. Just Deadly Premonition things.

In Terms of Plot and Characters

Deadly Premonition sits to this day as one of the most bizarre stories in gaming history, and that’s just the icing on the cake. However, it never had a timeline establishing when the actual events of the first game are taking place. This time around a vague 2005 appears, as a tentative date in which the story takes place. To location also takes a 180-degree turn, shifting from a suburban town to a New Orleans countryside.

However, it seems that this time our favorite protagonist from the first game would not return alone. Instead, from what we gathered, he will be joined by a fellow FBI agent by the name of Aaliyah Davis. But don’t worry, Detective Francis York Morgan (god, I love that name) is once again returning front and center. Seeing as York Morgan is still communicating with Zach, his inner voice, we can safely assume this game is set as a prequel.

For those who don’t know, a huge spoiler alert, both Zach and York turn out to be completely different things in the original. And by the end, you’re actually playing your character, but changed. So with this game depicting the same detective as we come to know him from the start of the original, we can say with certainty that it’s going to be a prequel.

The Uncanny Yet Exciting

One thing that must return most definitely is the management mechanic. In the first game, players got a glimpse of why this game is both weird and adorable. Players had to manage every single detail. Money in your wallet, the clothes you wore, are they clean or not, what you eat, are you tired, do you have fuel for your car, etc. This, with new additions, could get even crazier than before, and we expect that to be the case. And also, to be even more time-consuming.

Deadly Premonition 2 Preview

Due to the nature of all these things being managed, players had significant downtime before they needed to head out to continue the case. You were always able to get there just on time, with only a few seconds to spare. And if you didn’t, it had consequences. While not severe, it still managed to get you. So this time we want it a little more punishing. And from recent suggestions, from the voice actor, that will be the case.

Choices will be made and you will always wonder what could have been if you took the other route. Each action has its own path, one that encourages replayability. Naturally, we expect it to have a bizarre premise just as the first game and the same voice acting. While criticized for its weird voice acting, many would come to except it, saying it’s more charming than ear bleeding. Add to that some comical scenes, like the infamous sandwich scene from the original, and they got another golden gem in the making.

Date, Platforms, and More?

Swery seems determined to give us this new release, and we gladly accept it. The voice actor of York also went on about the possibility of there being more games in a similar vein, but not directly tied to the franchise. In the first game, York often reminisces about his past cases. Maybe some of them will be displayed in this new iteration or an upcoming project at work.

What puzzles us the most is the game’s release. The date has still not been confirmed, and in the interview with the actor, there was little mention of a possible PC, PS4, or Xbox release. The only platform it was announced for is the Nintendo Switch, during Nintendo Direct. Still, we believe it will follow up on multiple platforms, much like the first release.

So keep a watchful eye for it, as you will hear more from us in the future. Oh, and we left the best for last. The game title was revealed to be Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise. And my, what a blessing it is.

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