Dead Space Available in the Origin Store for Free

Electronic Arts can be generous from time to time. This seems to be the period of the year when they are in a good mood for giving. If you head to the Origin store (which is owned by EA), you can find a free game for download. As you can see, it is Dead Space, the successful zombie slasher from 2008. The game is being given as part of “On the House” promotion that EA started a while ago.

This might be old news if you were already an Origin Access subscriber. If that is the case, Dead Space was among the games that you can add for free to your library for a while. However, if you weren’t registered on Origin and you feel like killing some zombies, now is the right time to do that.

Dead Space Details and Features

Let’s take a look at what Dead Space offers to players. As we mentioned, it is a shooter that is a mix of horror and sci-fi. You play as Isaac Clarke, one of the members of the crew on the USG Ishimura spaceship. Although you are not a soldier or a warrior, a mere engineer, you are the last hope of the team against the oncoming hordes of Necromorphs. These are reanimated corpses that are in the same time hybrids of aliens and zombies.

That means you can’t use traditional ways to kill them. In other words, you can’t use headshots as it won’t do any damage to them. Instead, you need to aim for their limbs. Cutting them off one at a time will prevent them from harming you and the other members of the crew. The weapons you will use are creative improvisations of things that are lying around in the spacecraft. You will use a plasma cutter, disc ripper, and even line guns. The ultimate goal is solving the mystery of what the hell happened on the ship and why you are being attacked by these creatures.

Dead Space was incredibly successful and got positive reviews at the time. In fact, the developers decided to release two sequels. Dead Space 2 appeared in 2011 and the third part of the series two years later. However, that’s where the trilogy ended. Two of the leading developers of Visceral Games went on to establish Sledgehammer Games, the studio that then worked on the latest Call of Duty WWII. According to reports, Visceral Games is going through tough times recently.

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