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Dead By Daylight “Portrait of a Murder” Chapter Adds New Killer, New Survivor, And A Brand New Map

Dead By Daylight "Portrait of a Murder" Chapter Adds New Killer, New Survivor, And A Brand New Map

A huge batch of new content went live on the beta server of Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight beta server received access to the “Portrait of a Murder” chapter on the 9th of November. This will be the 22nd chapter to grace the game. It also marks the last expansion that goes live during the sixth year of the game’s lifespan. And Behaviour Interactive is definitely ending the year on a high note.

Dead By Daylight’s “Portrait of a Murder” includes a new killer, a new survivor, and a new map. Jonah Vasquez is the new survivor added in this chapter. He naturally comes with a 3-piece set of game-changing perks. Jonah is definitely aimed at helping newcomers with some of the basics.

His first perk is “Overcome” which basically allows you to sprint for a couple of seconds longer after being hit by the killer. While his second perk “Corrective Action” transforms failed skill checks of your teammates into successful ones. Both are great for beginner players. His last perk “Boon: Exponential” is the latest in the boon family of perks. After blessing a totem, survivors in its range can pick themselves up from the ground alone. And at a much faster rate too.

Dead By Daylight “Portrait of a Murder” – “The Artist” Details

The new killer is called Carmina Mora, nicknamed “The Artist”. She can use her power to summon a murder of crows facing the same direction as she is. Then upon activation, the crows fly through walls and other obstacles until they reach the end of the map or hit a survivor. Hit survivors become “swarmed”, and they need to repel the crows. If they are hit again they take damage. If they are close to the position where the murder formed, they skip the swarmed state and take a hit instead.

The Artist comes with the following perks. “Grim Embrace” activates when you hook each of the survivors on the enemy team at least once. And it blocks all generators on the map for 30 seconds. “Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance” similarly to Exponential, is a fresh arrival to the new group of perks. When you hook someone on one of the four special hooks scattered around the map, the perk activates. The generator with the most progress explodes and loses some progression.

Last but not least. The new map “Eyrie of Crows” makes its debut with the chapter. And it is a fantastic addition to the game, which is bound to shake up the gameplay a little. With its golden color palette unlike any other map. The map’s scale will probably tilt advantage to the survivors when playing on it. But the design and gameplay flow are very welcome changes.

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