DayZ Enters Beta, Full Version to Be Released by the End of 2018

DayZ Beta

It sounds incredible that it has been almost five years since DayZ entered the Early Access status on Steam. For all that time, the game has maintained a solid fan base and it seems that the moment has finally arrived to move into the beta phase. The fresh additions are updates to vehicles, the option of building new bases, as well as a feature called “player restraining.”

According to the developers, the objectives for the endgame are still not that close, but the beta marks the first move in the right direction and toward an improved experience for players. If anyone is keeping score, this is a 0.63 version of DayZ. The new features are implemented, but plenty of work is required with their functionality.

“We admit that we are having problems with the functionality of the features. Our team is absolutely aware that is what plays a crucial part in the gaming experience. We are also aware that the right time to fix these issues is now. That is why we are entering a phase of stabilizing the game. During the process, expect to see DayZ evolving and making adjustments that truly matter,” said Eugen Harton, the lead producer of the game in the official blog.

Very Ambitious Developers

The most intricating thing, however, is that the developers are hoping to release the final version of the game before the end of 2018. The majority of vital features are already implemented and all future updates up until the 1.0 version will focus on stabilizing the gameplay.

Harton admits that the number of issues they need to resolve is huge. In fact, the developers believe that they found around 600 problems that need to be fixed so that DayZ could work properly. They are firmly dedicated to fixing all of them, but we know how new issues tend to emerge during game development, which is why we hope that the end of the year is not a deadline too tight to meet for the studio.

“Our goal is to ensure that the game won’t be riddled by bugs and maintain that state for a long time in the future.”

It sounds incredible that DayZ is still around despite all its flaws, but that speaks enough in favor of this being a great game and we are looking forward to the full release.

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