Days Gone on PS4 – first impressions about gameplay and release date

Don’t know about you, but I just love the games that create the hype as soon as they are announced and Days Gone is certainly one of them. There are two reasons why that is the case – the first one is that Sony is behind the whole story, considering that Sony Interactive Entertainment is the publisher and Bend Studios, the developing team that works on the game, is their ownership. Add to that the fact that the headcount of the team more than doubled this year and you can see that Sony is serious about Days Gone.

The other thing that encourages us to talk about this game is the fact that it is console-exclusive. Although the release date is still unknown, we know that Days Gone will appear solely on PlayStation 4. Games that are console exclusives are always carefully prepared and (usually) AAA titles, and we expect nothing less than great success for DG. Let’s try to answer some of the most important questions you might have about the game.

What Is It About?

A viral outbreak happened on the Earth and caused a terrible pandemic that led to the apocalypse. Two years have passed, and the result of the epidemic is that people who somehow survived are placed in wilderness encampments that are allegedly safe. On the other hand, the planet is full of wandering ex-humans that remind of zombies or some other undead hordes.

The creatures go by the name Freakers, and although we don’t know which category to put them into, we can claim that they are feral, mindless, and rapidly evolving. They are not all the same – some of them are always at the same location because they found themselves a food source (or they simply like the landscape), while the others roam the highways. We met two different categories of undead hordes – Newts, adolescents who lurk and attack from behind, and fast runners that don’t put in a lot of thinking but, boy, how they like to eat.

Days Gone is an action-adventure game set in the Pacific Northwest, in the beautiful high-desert landscape that will almost certainly be open-world. That means you will be able to roam the in-game world with your main character freely. While we are on that topic, let’s mention that you will play as Deacon St. John, an outlaw biker and a bounty hunter (in his prior life).

Remember those safe encampments I mentioned in the previous paragraph? John doesn’t believe they can provide him security and he prefers to become an outlaw once again. That is why he decides to wander the open roads and try to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

Is It a Zombie Hack and Slash?

Although it’s impossible to claim for sure because the information about the game is limited, we can say that Days Gone will be survival and character-based far more than it will focus on actually fighting the undead hordes. We support these claims with the official game’s trailer which features zero (yes, zero) ex-humans. Instead, the trailer focuses on illustrating the effects of the pandemic through Deacon St. John. In it, he states that he remembers how he used to enjoy his life of riding with his buddies and his girlfriend/wife. However, he continues by saying that he also remember planes falling out of the skies, trains stopping, and towns getting destroyed. The world he (and we) knew was destroyed, and the humans had to retract to the wilderness to survive.

Considering the amount of melancholy and the effort the developers put to connect us to the main character starting from the first trailer, we can expect that the game will take us on a journey during which we will discover John’s background story and save the world/help him get his life back on track. However, being a drifter and out on his own, the primary task in the game will be – to survive.

days gone zombies fight gameplay

Days Gone can be placed in the action-adventure genre, considering that you can choose how to play the game. If you like sneaking around, stealth will be the way to go. Then again, if you are a man of action, you will have a bunch of weapons to use against the Freakers at your disposal. Considering that the game looks to provide immersive single-player experience, the chances are that you won’t get a chance to test yourself in multiplayer modes.

Is It a Streamlined Story?

According to some announcements from the Bend Studios, the game is entirely open-world. That means that you can choose the objectives you want to complete in any order you see fit. However, you might need additional skills or abilities for certain missions, so there are still some restrictions involved. Also, there are no classic levels in the game, but the chances are that certain locations within the game’s open-world will only become available after you make certain progress.

Will It Make Use of PS4 Pro?

As a title made and published by Sony, Days Gone will look to use the capabilities of the new PlayStation 4 Pro completely. If you’ve watched the trailer, you could see the incredible mountain and forest environments that know how to use Ultra HD resolutions and HDR.

days gone ps4 pro enhanced version

We can also expect amazing and detailed scenery that will contribute to the post-apocalyptic feeling of the game. The fact that it has been only a couple of years since the apocalypse means that there are still marks of humanity all over the landscape, so prepare yourself to encounter burned vehicles, ghost towns or stuff like that.

When Will the Game Be Out?

The answer to perhaps the most important question listed is – we don’t know. That might be because the developers themselves still haven’t set a date and it could mean they are far from completing the game. However, Bend Studios revealed that a big announcement is coming during the E3 Expo which will be held in June. With that in mind, we can hope that the game will see the light of day until the end of 2017.

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