Data Wing Review – A Beautiful Game That’s Free To Play

Data Wing

We are living in times of advanced technology and creating a game takes a lot of time. Even if we are talking about releases for the mobile market, it takes weeks to make everything. But that is precisely what Dan Vogt did with Data Wing. The new top down racing game is a product of one man who loves playing. In case you don’t know, Vogt has over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and is a co-founder of a popular development team Halfbrick. Despite that, Data Wing is his private project that recently hit iOS and Android stores.

Can You Deal with the Mother?

Data Wing has a bit weird premise, but at its core, it’s a racing game that is incredibly addictive. You will race inside a computer, and you will have to deal with Mother. The Mother is AI that likes to issue orders that you must follow. However, the problem is that it can become irrational (just like any other AI, you might think).


It’s incredible that a simple racing game (created by one dude) has an intriguing story. You do have a choice of whether you want to follow the orders or only drive around. However, it’s needless to say that it’s far more interesting to try to complete the objectives the Mother has set.

Data Wing Will Have You Hooked in No Time

Racing games can be entertaining even if you are just driving around in circles trying to get the fastest time. However, when you have a set of objectives in front of you, that’s when the real challenge begins. It won’t be easy to fulfill the goals that the AI will give you, especially once you get deep into the game. It will take a lot of repeating until you complete some of the tasks. However, Data Wing is one of those racing releases that will always have you asking for more.

Intuitive and Responsive Controls

We are all aware of the importance of controls in the racing games, and Data Wing doesn’t disappoint in that area. The control mechanism is simple; you will steer by tapping the side of the screen towards which you want to make the turn. If you touch the screen with fingers on both sides, you will activate brakes.


Data Wing doesn’t offer any upgrades or power ups, making sure to keep everything simple. However, there is a speed boost you generate if you manage to drift successfully. It’s not easy to do that with your triangular vehicle, but if you manage, you will feel incredibly proud. Although the graphics are simple, you will feel like you just did something very cool with your fast machine.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of Data Wing are rather basic, but that completely fits with what the game tries to accomplish. I just love the releases that focus on gameplay and know that their replay value is what will attract the players. That being said, graphics are cheerful, and the colors are vivid, offering a pleasant visual experience.

As for the sound, Mr. Vogt carefully chose the tracks for Data Wing. The music contributes to the atmosphere and helps to get you hooked on the game.

Data Wing Is Completely FREE and Without Ads

Most of the games on the mobile market are free to play, but many of them are unplayable unless you make in-game purchases. Rest assured, that won’t be the case with Data Wing. It is free to play, and you can enjoy its full potential no charge. It doesn’t feature an upgrade system or any ways to customize your triangular vehicle. And it doesn’t offer in-app purchases, and it’s even free of annoying adverts. The only problem is that it is so addictive that you will feel like you should pay something to the developer, but there is no way to do that.


Data Wing offers more than 40 levels with various objectives that will have you returning to play the ones you already completed until you master them.

Final Words

Data Wing is a project made out of love for gaming. It seems that Mr. Vogt wanted to create a game that he will enjoy playing. In the process, he made a racing release that already has thousands of fans around the globe. Data Wing is one of those arcade games that you will get ahold of in a matter of seconds. However, it will take you days to master it. And although you will lose a lot of nerves in the process, it will always leave you wanting another race.

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