Dark Souls Rekindled Edition

Dark Souls ‘Rekindled Edition’ Mod Offers a Complete Revamp

It has been more than five years since the release of Dark Souls for PC. The game managed to stay fresh during all that time thanks to incredible mods made by users. The latest mod that caught the attention of the community is the Dark Souls Rekindled Edition. It features more than 400 adjustments and tweaks, and it will make the core release unrecognizable.

Dark Souls Rekindled Edition first appeared earlier in 2017, and it has been a work in progress ever since. In its latest 2.2 updates, it featured eight entirely new classes, as well as multiple other tweaks. The adjustments made are across various categories, including armor, weapons, spells, enemies, rings, and items. For a complete list of changes, visit this page.

The creator of the mod is LordofSandvich, a renowned player of Dark Souls. You can see that a guy who loves playing the game designed these tweaks because they all were done with great care. Each adjustment is made to enable players from around the world to enjoy playing Dark Souls more. And since there isn’t anything new to come after The Ringed City, we might just as well indulge ourselves into this mod.

Rekindled Edition Balances The Game

Some people in the gaming community claim that the game has become harder, especially in the early phases. That was precisely the point because those who have been playing Dark Souls for long need a new challenge. However, the adjustments made to enemies and bosses were with a goal to make encountering them more appropriate. That means that you won’t come across a situation where a boss is much stronger or weaker than they should be.

Dark Souls Rekindled Edition mode is easy to install and can easily be removed. One thing to note is that the latest mod is not compatible with any other that uses the same files as Rekindled Edition.

LordofSandvich hasn’t finished working on this fabulous addition to Dark Souls. In fact, he has plans to adjust the resistance of some bosses further. He also admits that additional rebalancing of spells, shields, and weapons needs to be done. Until the final release of the mod, we will also see changes in some names and unique special effects.

Other Mods Worth Checking Out

If you are looking for other mods that will spice up the experience of playing Dark Souls, try the Item Randomizer mod. And if you are looking for increased difficulty, make sure to test the Enemy Placement tweak. It will do just what it says and place a huge number of enemies in a small space, which should provide a challenge for everyone.

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