Burnout Creators Announce a New Aggressive Racer Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving

There have always been two categories of racing games out there. The first category is a simulation, which focuses on faithfully portraying how it looks to race on courses throughout the world. Second, and arguably more fun, focuses on arcade racing with plenty of crashes and high-paced action. Each of the types has its fans, but it is the lovers of the latter that have the reason to be happy today.

According to the announcement by Three Fields Entertainment, we can expect a new aggressive racer called Dangerous Driving on April 9th. You will be glad to know that the guys who are working on this title are the same ones who participated in the creation of Burnout series we all know and love.

The official press release is quite interesting and emphasizes that the game focuses on real driving, but the ones we are all dreaming about – getting everyone out of the way, developing high speeds, and knocking others off the road.

Dangerous Driving aims to be an addition to the subgenre where there is plenty of room for (good) new games. Many older gamers remember the gems of the 90’s driving games that focused on speed, skill, and aggression. The formula is simple – the more risks you are prepared to take, the better your position at the finish line.

What Are the Features of Dangerous Driving?

The developers indicate that you will get to drive through seven locations and a total of 30 courses. When it comes to the available modes, we can expect the classic Takedown Competition where the goal is to destroy your opponents, as well as the Boost Chain where the focus will be on speed. There is also the Pursuit Mode where you will get to play as the Police (Need for Speed, anyone?), but the biggest mystery is the Road Rage mode that will require you to “rule every road.”

Aside from the classic offline racing, you will also have the ability to head online and test your skills against other real-life opponents. As expected, you can unlock new skills and vehicles as you progress.

Dangerous Driving is set for a release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you want to learn more about the game, you can join the DD club on the official website.

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