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Cultist Simulator Celebrates a Milestone and Sells 100K Copies

We have always been huge supporters of indie studios, especially those that make unique and innovative games. That is precisely the case with Weather Factory and their Cultist Simulator release, which is a weird Lovecraftian-themed card title that received mostly positive reviews from the community.

The studio was established by two gaming employees who used to work at Failbetter, and their biography includes titles like Sunless Skies and Fallen London. They decided to test their luck in the gaming market on their own, and they designed Cultist Simulator. The single-player release puts you at the help of a cult who wants to discover unholy mysteries. In the game, you avoid the police while feeding on your followers and summoning alien gods. If it sounds interesting, that is because it is and you should give it a try.

The latest reports indicate that Cultist Simulator has sold more than 100,000 copies. As expected, the majority were sold via Steam (around 80%) while the rest is shared among, GOG, and Humble Bundle, which is actually the publisher of the game.

Considering that 100,000 looks like a high number that many indie developers have been dreaming about, the head of the studio Alexis Kennedy decided to share his opinion in the development blog update. He described the initial year of the Weather Factory in detail and agreed that they also consider it a huge success that they reached the magic 100K sales.

Kennedy shared all financial and sales details, which is something studios do not frequently do. Among other things, he mentioned that Cultist Simulator was distributed as a part of the Humble Monthly deal. During that promotion, the game reached more than 500K players, but the publishing deal they signed prevented them from earning any royalties.

However, Kennedy admits that this was a smart advertising move as the sales increased from that moment. The developer doesn’t hide that they are satisfied with how their debut release was received by the community. He also emphasized that there are many expenses involved, which means that they weren’t become millionaires because of the game.

On the other hand, he admits that there is enough money in the bank for the Weather Factory to start working on another game. Let’s hope that it will be equally as successful as this one.

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