Counter Strike Global Offensive Battle Royale

CS: GO Goes Free to Play and Adds Battle Royale – Players Enraged

You need to follow the trends and CS: GO did just that when they included a Battle Royale mode and made the game free to play. This was an unexpected decision for the trusted fanbase, but understandable from an economic point of view. Regardless of that, it wasn’t welcomed by the gamers who posted more than 18,000 bad reviews on Steam’s official game page.

This doesn’t affect the overall reputation of the game since it has more than 2,800,000 total reviews that are mostly positive, but it is certainly a sign that can worry the developers. It is interesting to note that most players do not have a problem with the BR mode, but the decision to make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free to play.

A Huge Number of Complaints

You wouldn’t be happy either if you paid for the game that ended up being free for everyone. Valve didn’t make things better with the fact that they only awarded the players who bought the game before it went free with a loyalty badge. This seems legit as they could have at least tried to develop an exclusive firearm or skin available for those that have been playing for a long time.

Another problem that the community has is that CS: GO going free will attract hackers and cheaters. Although the game hasn’t had too many problems in this area, the gamers are understandably afraid. Some of them are going so far that they want to get their money back.

The next in line of complaints that the players have is related to the adjustments in the Prime matchmaking system. The previous requirements were to obtain Rank 21 and add a legit phone number, but now you are added to Prime as long as you buy the game. Those that previous purchased CS: GO are also automatically promoted to Prime status.

Truth to be told, there have been thousands of positive reviews these days. These probably come from the players that got the chance to test the game for free, which implies that the tactics to attract new gamers seem to work.

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