After 13 whole years it is time to ask this question again: “Can it run Crysis?”. We just got news recently of a Saints Row: The Third remaster by Volition and now it looks like we will be blessed with another remaster, that of the original Crysis released way back in 2007. Yes, the same Crysis that absolutely melted the PC systems of that time. The Crysis franchise was always the ultimate benchmark for video game graphics and the developers, Crytek, always had the purpose of pushing forward the gaming industry in that sense with Crysis. So, it is awesome to see that they are not stopping yet. The remaster is said to be released on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and surprisingly Switch. Probably by Summer 2020.

The original Crysis was an absolute landmark in terms of its pure technical prowess of gaming graphics. Crysis was a Sci-Fi First Person Shooter game set in an amazingly detailed and gorgeous tropical sandbox map. The plot is set in 2020 and we follow Lieutenant Jake Dunn a.k.a Nomad and his fellow team members on a rescue mission to save an American team of archaeologists from the North Korean army in Lingsham Islands. As the game progresses we learn more about the research conducted there and soon come in contact with an alien species. With technologies such as advanced real-time rendering, character rendering, dynamic particle effects, etc Crysis was very obviously much ahead of its time and competition. The first scene itself where your team skydives into the island is proof enough of what Crytek had prepared for gamers in the game. Simply brilliant!

The foliage, lighting effects of astonishing accuracy, the clear waters, this island had it all. Games like Crysis looked just as good while playing and while standing still due to the huge amounts of sampling. It made the game heavier on the GPU but it also paid off amazingly well for the systems capable of running it. There was also a number of graphical rendering done before reaching a destination rather than rendering it when you reach a destination. Just like technology, even a game like Crysis could be improved graphically and now we will hopefully see those improvements in the remaster.

The biggest takeaway from the announcement is perhaps the inclusion of the video game graphics technology called Ray Tracing or RTX into the remaster. Crysis Remastered will bring high-end quality textures, awesome new graphic features, and the famous Cryengine’s native hardware. We are still waiting for a more solid and official announcement from Crytek and obviously actual gameplay footage. It is hard to imagine how realistic and cutting-edge this remaster will look.

Ray Tracing and Crysis both are responsible for pushing the industry forward so witnessing Ray Tracing in Crysis is already a step forward for gaming from a technological perspective. Ray Tracing provides a myriad of lighting and illumination effects and it will be interesting to see what it does when paired with a game like Crysis. One thing is for sure: It is time to upgrade your PC and watch it melt anyway! But we can’t complain, it’s for the advancement of technology after all.

Enjoy the short teaser: (Oh man, how we missed the “Achieved with CryEngine”)

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