Crackdown 3 Hands-On: Just the Way We Remember It

Crackdown 3 Hands-On: Just the Way We Remember It

Crackdown 3 was announced in 2015, but there have been almost two years, and Sumo Digital was rather quiet about the game. However, after the incredible presentation at E3 2017, we can confirm that the newest installment in the wacky series will come out in the first part of 2018. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from Crackdown 3.

The Faith of the World Is Upon You

The plot is your typical action movie, but it serves its purpose to lay the grounds for fantastic gameplay and addictiveness that will have you playing for days. We don’t know much about the backstory, but there have been attacks that hit major cities all over the world. There is no time to lose, and the “Agency,” a mysterious organization (yes, you are their member, but I hope you don’t pay the membership fee as you are doing them a big favor) sends you to the New Providence Island.

Your task is to infiltrate the enemy’s headquarters, find out what caused the attacks and eliminate the threat. The fact that you are a superhuman cop will help you in Crackdown 3. There will be a lot of cool stuff you can do, such as sending the trucks into space or just knocking random rivals off the map. It’s what made the previous installments great and what makes the newest Crackdown release even more fun.

Crackdown 3 Will Feature the Biggest Open World So Far

I’m talking about this series only, of course, but numerous other games will envy the spaciousness of the open world in Crackdown 3. Its predecessors also had a massive world, but this one will be so huge that it will be more than two times bigger than the one in the original.

Soon after you enter New Providence, you will discover that it is ruled by an organization that goes by the name “Terranova.” You can draw a parallel to the real world here because Terranova seems just like any other large corporation, but it does all the shady business in the background. As you progress through the game, you will take out bosses of the conglomerate and cut the head of the beast.

Completely open World and Completely Sandbox

Sumo Digital has taken it a step further with Crackdown 3. Aside from offering a genuinely open world for fighting your enemies, the play mode is entirely sandboxed, and the game won’t force you to play in a certain way not even for a single moment. That means that you don’t have to complete special quests to unlock boss battles or that you have to battle them in the right order.

crackdown 3 open world

In fact, there is no correct order, and you can play Crackdown 3 any way you see fit. Yes, in theory, that means that you can run through the game and head to the final boss battle. Although that is possible, it won’t be easy to defeat him (or her, whatever is waiting at the end). That is because of the system that Sumo Digital calls “Skills for Kills” and which is the code name for the progression system from the game.

Crackdown 3 Offers “Skills for Kills”

That is not a new concept, and those of you who played previous installments will remember it. The trick is that the more you play, the better skills you acquire and participation are what makes your superhuman cop more capable.

There are strength and ability orbs you can find across the map. You earn power orbs by defeating enemies or throwing cars while climbing skyscrapers might lead to skill orbs that will improve your jumping. Your power grows as you play and you are rewarded with some cool skills such as throwing trucks into the orbit, which looks downright okay if you neglect that the laws of physics are completely forgotten.

“Gangs Bite Back” in Crackdown 3

Okay, I think that Sumo Digital has a cool name for all features implemented in Crackdown 3. When you think of it, this one talks how the overlords have their ears everywhere, and nothing can go past them. As you start destroying parts of the city and the enemies, you will attract attention from the bosses.

Liberating a block won’t go unnoticed, and it won’t be long until you start pissing off the Terranova kingpins. That will result in them biting back by sending you random enemies from all sides and at any given moment. Furthermore, you might inspire the boss himself to appear before it was planned and in a place far from his headquarters. All that adds the dynamic element to the campaign much needed to keep the game interesting.

There’s Not Much a Superhuman Cop Cannot Do

The main protagonist isn’t afraid to use his strength, and you can get pretty creative during the game. For example, you can rip the lamp from the ground to use it as a bat or pick up the car to throw it at your enemies. You also have weapons such as grenades, machine guns, and shotguns, as well as flying leaps and jetpacks.

crackdown 3 gun and terry

However, the game gets truly interesting if you find a couple of friends to play with you. Crackdown 3 offers a 4-player co-op, which is also a confirmed feature of the game. I can only imagine the chaos and mayhem on the streets of New Providence once four superhuman cops are out there. Terranova won’t stand a single chance.

When Will It Be Out? Crackdown 3 Release Date

Crackdown 3 is shaping up to be an excellent release, but there is a piece of bad news we have to share in the end. The original release date was set for November 2017, but the developers postponed it for early 2018 (no confirmed date yet). That leads us to believe that there are still things that could use ironing out within the game and we can only hope that Sumo Digital will manage to polish everything in time.

Crackdown 3 will be released on PC and Xbox One, making sure to utilize the 4K support to feature the best possible graphics. You can pre-order the game for Xbox One as of now from the Microsoft Store.

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