Counter Strike: GO Developer Pled Guilty to Felony Charges

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Jess Cliffe belongs to the group of people who created Counter-Strike, one of the most famous first-person shooters ever. Unfortunately for him, Cliffe has become famous for something else. He has been charged for a felony a year ago and the charges involved sexual exploitation. For things to be worse for Cliffe, it was the one of a minor.

Valve has reacted quickly after he was initially arrested in February 2017 and they suspended him from the team that works on CS: Global Offensive. Now we have received news about the trial and it seems that Cliffe has pled guilty. He mentioned that he didn’t force the minor to have sex with him, but he did pay the person on three different occasions. On top of that, Cliffe recorded everything without the person knowing that. As it was expected, Cliffe wasn’t allowed to be on the team while the process was in progress, which means that he was nowhere near the Valve’s premises where CS: GO is being developed.

When it comes to the story, Cliffe revealed that he met the girl through an online website for finding relationships. The particular website where he was one was focusing on so-called Sugar Daddy (or Sugar Momma) system. It involves one person paying the other for the relationship arrangement. According to reports, the girl is currently only 16 years old and she was 15 at the time when she exchanged messages with Cliffe. She used SnapChat and regular messages to get in touch with the developer, which is how the Child Protective Services reacted.

It is believed that there were three meetings that occurred between Cliffe and the girl. According to the deal, Cliffe has spent one hour with her and gave her $300. However, he claims that she has been lying to him about how old she was. In fact, when he discovered that she is underage, it was Cliffe who drove to the police station and voluntarily surrendered. Her profile on the website obviously contained false information, but that doesn’t release Cliffe for his share of responsibility.

Upon paying the bail, Cliffe was released from the prison, but suspended from Valve. The company so far didn’t have any announcement on the topic.

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