To quote a popular YouTuber, “Do You Like Violence?” Of course, you do. But no, not real-life violence, I’m talking about video games. It seems nowadays wherever you turn Cyberpunk is the next big aim that defines the new decade. And with such a popular trend, everybody wants to hop aboard the hype train.

The current member of this crazy train is Corruption 2029. An XCOM-inspired game that offers tons of gore, murder, and mayhem. Which brings me to my first question. You do like violence, don’t you? Cause you will find plenty of it here, more so than you might have bargained for. But enough of this moral mumbo-jumbo, let’s get into the meat of this upcoming title and see what it’s all about.

A Tyrannical Future

If by some chance you know a bit about the XCOM franchise, then you’re well on your way here. Yes, much like the mentioned title, you once again dive into the tactical-shooter genre with all those familiar strategic bits. However, two distinct factors separate this title from XCOM. First, the game isn’t even developed by the same people.

Instead, relatively new studio Bearded Ladies, known for Mutant Year Zero, are the helm of this project. Seeing as how positively their previous project worked out, we can safely say that they know what they are doing. At first glance, this looks like an amped-up version of their earlier installment. Yet it still remains to be seen if it might be connected to it in some way.


The other thing that separates it from both XCOM and Mutant Year Zero is the setting. Still going with a dystopian apocalyptic near-future vibe, the only distinct difference is the enemies. Ditching aliens and mutants for a totalitarian regime, at its core, bent on expansion. And yes, the plot is centered in America, where else?

Its main appeal may be that of XCOM, but where the ladder encourages head-on encounters, here the opposite is true. Stealth and opportunism are the keys. Finding the right spot and attacking from there will guarantee more success. While careless firefights will ensure a certain death.

Not All Is Known

The plot is still one big question mark. All we know is that in the not so distant future, of 2029, augmentation has become a thing. Wow, sound more like Deus Ex, if I’m being honest. However, not all is sunshine and rainbows. Judging by its title alone, some sort of CORRUPTION has occurred, and well, everybody went on a killing spree the minute they let loose. You come in to save the day. Controlling a squad of tactical augmented cyber soldiers, it’s up to you to clean this mess.

At your disposal is a battalion of armored dudes like walking tanks, and two goals. Discover what is the source of corruption, and dispose of it quickly. Yup, basically, Deus Ex. It’s also currently unknown if any mutated animals make their appearance, though Bearded Ladies seem to have a knack for naming their characters ‘Biggs’ and ‘Wolf,’ as if it was a puppy contest.

Coming Out When?

One thing that caught everybody off guard is the game’s release. At the time of writing, the game is already set to launch next week, on February 17, 2020. This is some pretty exciting news for all those eager to get their hands on something more like their previous work. However, for us, it is a concern. The trailer dropped early on a couple of days ago, and besides a little sneak peek of the core gameplay, nothing else is shown. Just a vague date, and limited info.

We expect this is only done to hype the masses even for more of what’s to come. After all, when Mutant Year Zero was revealed, the game wasn’t that much glanced upon until its release. It was only after it garnered a positive reception that gamers really started to take notice. We hope it’s the same scenario here. And that all of this small press is just to get us more interested in the product. Bearded Ladies didn’t disappoint before, and even possibly delivered a better experience than XCOM ever could.

However, those on Steam may have to wait a significant time for the game’s release, since it will only be available on the Epic Game Store for now. The price is already up, and for $19.99, this might just be a great way to start the year. We will definitely dive into it, and probably give our full review when we finish.

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