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Control Is a New Game by Creators of Max Payne and It Looks Great

Remedy, the studio known for brilliant games like Quantum Break and Max Payne, is working on a new intriguing title called Control. When it comes to genre, it will be similar to their previous games, which means that we can expect the mixture of action and adventure with the addition of sci-fi. The developers recently published a new trailer that showed all the beauty (and creepiness) of the in-game world.

Dissecting the trailer

The focus of the footage is on the so-called the Oldest House. This is a huge building where Federal Bureau of Control is located. The trailer is narrative, which was the perfect opportunity for James McCaffrey to demonstrate his narration skills. Yes, this is the same guy that lent his voice for Max Payne games, except this time he is in the role of Zachariah Trench, a guy who used to be the director of FBC.

He is not the only one we know from Remedy’s games to be featured in Control. There is also Matthew Porretta, who you might remember if you played Alan Wake. He lent his voice to Dr. Casper Darling, who is at the helm of the research department of the FBC. To round up the crew of familiar faces (or voices), the game also stars Courtney Hope, the former Beth from Quantum Break, who will this time be playing as Jesse Faden.

Control Gameplay

The video description beautifully portrays how you feel when you take a look around the Oldest House. It stated that it is dangerous and dark, but a stunning place of power that seems like it has its own personality.

The FBC plays a crucial role in the plotline of Control. This is a secretive agency founded by the government with the goal of researching, as well as containing the phenomena from the outer worlds. The problem arises when they face more than they can handle as the new threat coming is extremely dangerous.

There is still no exact official release date available, but we can expect Control somewhere during 2019 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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