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Code Vein Has Shipped More Than 2 Million Copies Worldwide

Code Vein Has Shipped More Than 2 Million Copies Worldwide

Code Vein hits 2 million copies shipped in 2 years. Bandai Namco celebrates the game's success

Code Vein is an action RPG, clearly inspired by the Dark Souls school of videogame design. Released almost exactly two years ago, on September 27th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For the second anniversary of the title, developers Bandai Namco Entertainment and Bandai Namco Studios, shared some information via Twitter.

“Thanks to everyone’s support we are now celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the game’s release. The cumulative worldwide shipment and digital sales have exceeded 2 million units! Thank you for your continued support”, this is what the message roughly translates to.

Troublesome legacy

Code Vein is a worthwhile experience, and definitely a solid game. But the game did run into snags along the way. Oversexualized female designs aimed at the anime consumer base definitely turned some players off. Which understandably sparked some backlash against the developers.

Code Vein also saw complaints in the gameplay department. Many called the game a clone or a copycat of Dark Souls. The game is clearly inspired by it, but it has enough unique spins on the gameplay of its own. A significant chunk of the player base also had various complaints about the combat. Mainly that it felt stiff at times. Certain combinations of buffs could be also used to “game” the game. And effectively turn you into a revenant killing machine.

By far the biggest offender is the level design. Most of them are just bland and linear. But Cathedral of the Sacred Blood is just a war crime. The level is visually based on Anor Londo from Dark Souls, which is just unoriginal. But the gameplay just boils down to a confusing maze. A really HUGE one at that. This is by far the biggest level in the game. But it is also needlessly confusing. Many players reported dropping the game upon reaching this area. Others lost hours wandering this level.

Code Vein sequel in the works?

It is unclear at present if any sequel is planned for the game. But Code Vein was definitely a sales success. So it’s easy to imagine Bandai Namco continuing the franchise in one way or another. The demand is absolutely there. Even people who voiced the previous complaints commented that they would love a sequel. A sequel that addresses the flaws of the first game, and builds upon the stellar formula.

With possibly more weapon types, more unique skills, and spells. Maybe even a player versus player experience of some kind. And the franchise could definitely use some more original level designs.