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Click Here For A Free Far Cry 3 PC Copy


Ubisoft is handing out Far Cry 3 - one of their best games ever, for free up until September 11th

To celebrate a huge Fall sale Ubisoft decided to give away free copies of Far Cry 3 for the PC. Those interested need to be quick though. The offer is running from September 7th and will end on September 11th at 8:30 AM (Local time). You can add this classic title to your library by clicking the link right here.

Far Cry 3 is a First Person Shooter, that focuses heavily on your adventures in the open-world wilderness of a tropical island. Where you need to scavenge for medical herbs and fight animals for both your survival and their pelts and claws. Which you will turn into pouches to carry more ammo or medkits. All this while taking fire from local pirates hell-bent on putting an end to your meddling in their activity. Thankfully, you can shoot back. With a wide variety of weapons, from small personal firearms, up to full-blown machine guns. Past even that lie exotic tools of mayhem such as flamethrowers and compound bows.

But all of that violence is just a backdrop to your own adventure. Explore ancient underground ruins of bygone civilizations and find trinkets from past generations. The riches hiding around every corner are a welcome sight too. And then hit the road in a “borrowed” truck suited for the harsh offroad roads that connect local settlements and outposts. Or maybe a jetski is more your style? Why stop there? Why not take to the skies and get around on a hang glider or even a wingsuit.

Besides the amazing game, Ubisoft is treating us to an amazing sale of their products. Up to 80% on select titles. This includes a 75% discount on Rainbow Six Siege. Their 2020 smash hit Watch Dogs: Legion is 60% off. Various games from the Assassin’s Creed franchise are discounted as well. And it’s not only video games! Figurines, t-shirts, and prints are all available discounted, at very appealing prices.

Far Cry 6 releases in October of the current year. So it is not a bad idea to replay the series from its roots, not only to brush up on the lore, happenings, and characters. But to also better appreciate the advancements that the sequels brought to the table.