Civilization VI Will Feature an Expansion Focused on Catastrophes

Civilization 6 Gathering Storm DLC

We just love the Civilization franchise and each announcement related to it gets us excited (not in that way). If you are just like us, we believe that you are already excited about the reveal we will make in the upcoming rows.

Firaxis Games is preparing a new expansion for Civilization VI. According to Game Watcher, it will be focused on catastrophes, but not in a way you might expect.

Here is the deal – the developers haven’t sent the gaming website a press release where they are announcing the expansion. The rumours say that it will be titled Gathering Storm, but it seems that Firaxis decided to tease the public. They used the official account of the game on YouTube and published a video with a title “???”

A Very Intense Trailer

So, instead of focusing on the title and description, we decided to watch the video. Such a smart move, right? Okay, all jokes aside, the video looks great. It portrays a city where everything seemed to go great – the sky had been bright and calm, but things soon took a turn for the worse. During the video, we can see lightning striking every several seconds. However, Firaxis failed to deliver any details.

PC Invasion has recently published details about the alleged Gathering Storm expansion, which wasn’t confirmed by the developers. However, according to that article, we can not only expect new civilizations, but also the ability to build on water and all sorts of other features.

It seems that these rumours were true, but if you pay more attention to the videos, you will not only see storms and tornadoes, but also a UFO that makes an appearance once in a while. We also shouldn’t neglect the fact that you can find an image on the official website which mentions February 14th, 2019, and the “Civilization 6 – GS logo.”

We would say that is a pretty safe guess that the new expansion, which will apparently be called the Gathering Storm, will be coming out early next year. In the meantime, why wouldn’t you use the opportunity to purchase the initial Civilization VI and existing expansions on Steam?

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