Civilization 6 Available for Free on Steam, but Only for a Limited Time

Civilization 6 Free to Play

When you mention the name of Sid Meier, all strategy lovers will stand up and applaud. His contributions to the genre and the gaming industry overall are huge, and there is no doubt that he is best known for the Civilization franchise. Ever since it first appeared in 1991, it was clear that it will have a special place in the history of strategies.

More than 27 years later, we are waiting for the next expansion to Civ 6. The full name of the release is Civilization 6: Gathering Storm and it is set to release on February 14th. That is probably the main reason why Firaxis Games and 2K decided to offer the base version of the game for free. The promotional period will last only a couple of days.

That means you can play Civilization 6 for free only until the new expansion launches. It is an excellent chance to try the game and see if you like it. However, if you ever played any edition from the franchise, you will know what to expect. The core formula has never changed, but the developers successfully take things to the next level each time in terms of gameplay features and graphics.

With this short free trial, you can use this valuable time to get hooked to the series again (trust us, it won’t take a lot of time to become addicted). You can even take advantage of the current Lunar New Year Sale on Steam and purchase the base version for $19.99. That should leave enough money in the bank for buying the expansion, too. Gathering Storm has been priced at $39.99, and you shouldn’t expect a discount, considering that it is a new release.

You can already find the first impressions of the expansion online. The authors mostly agree that it is a step in the right direction. They emphasize that the developers can expect a bigger challenge due to new gameplay mechanics, including adjustments to global diplomacy and climate change. It is up to you to do everything in your power to prevent beautiful beaches from vanishing and avoid getting the world in danger. Although it is only a game, we firmly believe you can do that task better than the current world leader.

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