City of Brass

The City of Brass Game Has Recently Launched In Steam Early Access

When you hear that people who worked on Bioshock are working on a new game, you instantly become interested.  City of Brass is the name of the release that entered the early access phase on Steam a couple of days ago. It is a mixture of Arabian Nights, and Indiana Jones combined into intriguing FPS action.

Keep in Mind That its Early Access

Before we take a quick glance into the game itself, there is one thing about the City of Brass you need to know. The release still has just entered early access, which means that you can expect bugs, as well as imbalance and maybe even other weird stuff. That is why you need to take everything in this review with a pinch of salt. There is a chance a good deal of drawbacks will be polished for the full version.

City of Brass Offers Pure Old Fun

The first impression you get when you start the alpha version of the City of Brass is overwhelmingly incredible. Yes, there is still a lot to do until we can say it’s an excellent game, but it’s set onto a good path. We had the opportunity to see the announce trailer in July, and we realized that whip would be the asset of choice when cruising the streets in the City of Brass.

The good news is that the whip works perfectly in most cases. You won’t only use it to stun the enemies, but it will also come in handy to set off traps, pick up objects, or even swing from the ceiling. However, if you thought that you would use your stealth skills in the City of Brass, think again. So far, the game is more about fast-paced action than anything else.

City Of Brass Graphics

Can You Make to the End of the Level in Time?

That’s the main question you will ask yourself when playing the City of Brass. Your goal will be to finish the level before the countdown timer reaches zero. During your journey, you need to collect as much loot as possible. That’s in your interest because you can then spend those rewards on various upgrades. Aside from that, your score on a particular level also directly depends on the loot you collect.

You can use your whip with the right mouse button, while your weapon is activated with the left click. The whip will come in handy on the defensive end. For example, you can aim downwards and trip your enemy or direct it at their head and stun them. The latter doesn’t work on all enemies because some of them wear cages on their heads!

Whip anyway You Like in the City of Brass

Your basic whipping abilities are still considerable, but be aware that you can upgrade your whip to secure further reach and bigger power. Aside from being useful when defending, you can be smart and use it to attack. One way to do this is to activate traps with your whip just at the moment when your opponents pass by them.

There is a handsome amount of creativity involved in using your whip, which is one of the best features of City of Brass. It adds to the replay value of the game and makes repeating levels interesting. I liked the most when I whipped the sword out of the bad guy’s hand and then used mine to knock his head off.

City of Brass Gameplay

There Are Things That Need Improving

I’m talking about combat here, but we have to be understandable because it’s only an early access release. Either way, City of Brass currently has bugs that you can notice while fighting the enemies. For example, you will swing your whip at close range but fail to make contact despite the fact that you aimed perfectly. I noticed that this particularly happens when the enemy is crouching

While using the whip is fun regardless of this issue, the primary weapon could use some improving. It just doesn’t have the same flow. Swinging needs to be faster to keep up with the pace of the game. Also, the upgrades for weapons didn’t seem to do much, at least for me. If anything they helped me die quicker. Oh, there will be a lot of dying in the City of Brass. Perhaps the developers could also make the game a bit easier (or weapons more powerful).

Aaahhh, too many traps!

Believe it or not, you should be more aware of traps than of your enemies in the City of Brass. Even at early levels, there will be a bunch of pitfalls. That means that you can easily step sideways or backward and fall into one. The first-person camera doesn’t help with this, so it would probably be a good idea to lessen the number of traps.

Fortunately, the design of the levels is beautiful. All the areas are methodically crafted, and you can enjoy the ambiance at any given moment. Sound effects also fit in nicely and contribute to the overall atmosphere.

Gameplay 2

I Can’t Wait for the Final Product!

I played the early access version of the City of Brass for a couple of hours, and I felt extremely annoyed on numerous occasions. Yes, stupid bugs and glitches occur, but despite them, I stayed with the game for a while. That is because it is inevitably a promising material and is shaping up to be an original and unique game.

Combining a whip with your weapon and various creative ways to destroy your enemies is the biggest advantage of the City of Brass. It still needs some balancing regarding weapon damage and the difficulty itself (at this moment it’s pretty tough even during the early levels). However, the developers have a lot of time to make what’s already a good game into an excellent one.

Until then, I suggest you get the alpha build version of the game on Steam and see what I’m talking about. By purchasing it immediately, you will secure a significant discount. City of Brass is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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