Citadel Forged With Fire Preview

Citadel: Forged with Fire Preview – A Beautiful Fantasy Sandbox

I’ve always had trouble with how to assess the games that are in the Early Access phase. The big question is when your release is good enough to allow the public to play it? That’s the issue I’m having with Citadel: Forged with Fire. Although the developers admit that they still have a lot of work on the game, it’s a shame to see a release with a vast potential having this many bugs.

Are You a Fan of Dungeons and Dragons?

If you are, the chances are that you might love the Citadel. It is a sandbox MMORPG where you explore a vast map while building the structure, harvesting resources and, of course, killing enemies. You assume the role of a wizard (or a mage or a witch, call it however you’re like) that build up his magic skills.

Citadel Forged With Fire Graphics

Since you can freely roam the in-game world there are a lot of things you can do. You can head anywhere to harvest minerals and herbs to prepare magic potions. You will also gather materials needed to craft weapons and build castles. On your path, you’ll meet various creatures, including dragons, orcs, or dire wolves. Aside from facing them, you can also choose to tame them, which is a neat addition.

Can Anyone Put Up a Fight in Citadel: Forged with Fire?

It didn’t seem so while we played the game, which made the combat boring. When you are dealing with a dangerous creature such as a dragon, you expect him to at least fight back. However, many users complained that this doesn’t happen and that the opponents just stand still. Now, why would you kill a creature that isn’t trying to hurt you? That doesn’t make you a wizard, but it does make you a murderer.

Citadel Forged With Fire Gameplay

I don’t know if the developers tried to make the game easier so that novice players can enjoy it, but it would be much better if you went through at least some trouble to gather resources. It would also give you the motivation to discover new spells, such as throwing fireballs or taming enemies. There is a lot of stuff you can learn and do in the game, and the enormous amount of content is a positive thing.

The Visual Treat of the Magical World

The visual presentation of the game is fantastic, and the in-game world looks just like you imagined a world full of fantasy creatures and wizards would look like. The scenery is stunning, and it includes everything from the beaches to snowy mountains, as well as lush forests and caves. If you are giving the game a shot, make sure to hop on a broom and enjoy everything that this beautiful world has to offer.

It won’t be easy to construct your first broomstick, but it will be worth your while. The same goes for taming enemies. You can’t do that with all the creatures on the map, but only with those that are ten levels within of your current level of progress. Of course, you just tame them for a certain amount of time. That can cause problems if you log out to sleep at night and wake up in the morning to see that he is gone.

Citadel Forged With Fire Preview

Another useful addition would be the option to revive your pet once it loses its life. After all, it’s a magical world, and there is no reason not to include a spell for that. That would help you connect with a specific creature instead of changing dozens of them while you play.

We Will Pray for Bugs to Be Fixed!

Citadel: Forged with Fire offers an intriguing concept that is riddled with bugs that make it unplayable. Even if we can tolerate the fact that all creatures are pacifists, the problems with server connection are unsettling. The game is often lagging when several players log into a specific server at once, and I can’t even count how many times I was disconnected.

There are a bunch of promising things in Citadel at the moment. You can see that the developers created the fantasy world with care and that they tried to provide stunning scenery and graphics. There is also a lot of content and things to do while you play. However, that all become annoying due to the server and other issues the game currently has. If it was ever evident that a game is in the early access phase, it is now. Considering the current price on Steam, perhaps you should wait for the full version to decide whether it deserves your money.

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