Chinese Government Bans Twitch

Chinese Government Bans Twitch

The Government of China is known for its strict politics and the latest victim of their current online gaming reevaluation seems to be the Twitch platform. According to the reports, the Chinese Government decided to ban the platform in this country. The application is no longer available for download in the Apple’s App Store and it was removed suddenly and without any previous announcement.

Sources from Twitch revealed that they have heard about what is happening in China, but this is not the first platform that was affected by the regulatory decisions of the Government of China. In fact, the authorities now have even harsher criteria for approving new games and many of them are having issues with obtaining the permit. Perhaps the biggest name in the book of those that do not have a license is Monster Hunter: World as the game had only been available for a couple of days.

Why Does the Chinese Government Do That?

This is an intriguing question. We already knew that they are requesting the developers to make modifications if they want to release games for the Chinese market, but it seems the things are now taken one step further. According to some US media, the official reason is that they are worried about the eyesight of Chinese teenagers. However, it seems obvious that this is only an explanation for the public. Some sources suggest that the actual reason behind the strict regulations is the fact that the government has noticed a rising trend in gaming addiction and gambling and that is something they want to put under control.

It is interesting to notice that even the Chinese video game industry corporations are having problems because of the latest developments. The stock price of Tencent, the company behind PUBG and many other games for the Chinese market, significantly dropped just days after they revoked the licensed to the Monster Hunter franchise. The same trend was noticed for the other development studio NetEase.

As for Twitch, it has been one of the most downloaded free applications in China. The gamers from this country report that some of them can still use the app and the platform while others claim that the access is banned. It is probably just a matter of day when the users from the entire country will be restricted from using Twitch.

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