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The Call of Cthulhu Gameplay Trailer, Release Date, And Impressions

Call Of Cthulhu

If you are a fan of horror movies,  you must have heard of H.P. Lovecraft. Although some consider him to be among the pioneers of the genre, he is still one of the best horror writers out there. In fact, you will find a whole lot of authors that admire and idolize him. The Call of Cthulhu, one of his classics, served as an inspiration for Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide to create a video game.

There is still a lot of work to be done in the game, but its release is expected towards the end of 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, we got our hands on an early alpha version and saw what The Call of Cthulhu Is all about.

The Call of Cthulhu Demo Scared the Hell Out of Me

H.P. Lovecraft knows how to bring the horror atmosphere to anyone reading his novels, and it’s not an easy task to transfer that kind of experience to a screen. The Call of Cthulhu demo trailer we watched starts on Darkwater, a fictional island where the secluded Hawkins Mansion is located. Not much passes and we can see Edward Pierce, a private detective who investigates what seems to be another usual case.


The atmosphere draws you in from the second the trailer starts. You take a look at the creepy manor from the outside only to be terrified by the crows that make an obnoxious noise as they fly right in front of you (the jumpscare worked on me, unfortunately). You go exploring the outskirts of the mansion when you come across the graveyard.

Can You Survive the Terrifying Manor?

The Call of Cthulhu is a horror game, but it essentially belongs to the survival genre with some RPG elements. Those come into play while you explore the graves of the Hawkins family because you need investigation points to do that. The first unusual thing you notice is that the flowers are on everyone’s tombs except on the one that belongs to the head of the family.

The graphics and the color palette considerably contribute to the horror atmosphere. As you finish the exploration of the grave, the road leads you to the mansion back door. Before you enter, you have your first encounter with one of the residents; the groundskeeper comes to say hi, and he does that with an axe in his hand.

Can You Talk Your Way Out of Trouble in The Call of Cthulhu?

The first conversation introduces you to the dialogue system that you might recognize from Bethesda’s games. There are different dialogue options that demand various skills – you can intimidate the person you are talking to, persuade them to do something or simply do some small talk. Depending on that, your relationship with that character will be either positive or negative. Each response you provide and question you ask influences the outcome, which means that you need to choose carefully.


In case you didn’t know, The Call of Cthulhu is, besides being a novel, also a role-playing game. All the skills Edward Pierce are taken directly from the rulebook of that game. That is done for a reason because this is an official video game of The Call of Cthulhu and it aims to resemble everything important to the book/RPG faithfully.

Connect the Dots and Use Your Detective Skills

The demo shows how to use your skills properly. You take the ax out of his hand’s thanks to some intimidation and then manage to convince him to let you in with your investigative abilities. You properly connected the flowers on the graves to him, and he was apparently touched by that, so he let you in.

However, we were told that the outcome could have been different which would lead to Pierce searching for an alternative way to get into the manor. That means The Call of Cthulhu is a dynamic game, which adds to its replayability and emphasizes the importance of your choices. The developers convinced us that the best way is to convince the groundskeeper to unlock because otherwise, you might risk Pierce’s health or even sanity.

The Call of Cthulhu Crime Scene

Once you get in the mansion, you notice that the room where the family died completely burned down in the fire. You don’t believe in the official explanation that it was an accident and you use your skills to investigate. I assume that other crime scenes aren’t exactly a visual treat, but this one is quite freaky.

As you explore the room, you will see young son’s ashes, a bunch of broken clocks and overturned furniture. The Call of Cthulhu requires you to carefully collect all the clues before comparing them to the police report. You should try to find the things that don’t match. If you don’t, it’s not the end of the world (yet), but you will be off the main path of the case and sliding down into insanity will be much more likely.

Knowledge is Power in The Call of Cthulhu…Or Is It Not?

The final trailer for The Call of Cthulhu featured an art gallery. That was apparently a part of the game a bit further from the start, but we didn’t mind. Pierce’s task is to find a monster hidden in one of the paintings. We already mentioned the possibility of our protagonist going mad, but here’s how it works.


The game has a so-called sanity system. While you need to know a lot about the in-game world to complete the investigation, with knowledge comes great burden. Some information is not meant for humans, and if you discover them, you risk going insane. The burden of knowledge will cause Pierce to experience hallucinations that are vivid, violent and scary at the same time. As your sanity level decreases, you will have fewer dialogue options at your disposal until the moment you won’t know the difference between reality and fiction.

The Cool Graphics and Homage to Lovecraft

The visual experience in The Call of Cthulhu is fantastic, and all animations and scenery are incredibly detailed. If you know Lovecraft’s work, you will notice that there are items that pay the honor to one of the greatest horror authors ever, such as ceremonial daggers or fish-people statues.


Let’s return to the trailer. The moment you are in front of the right picture, you will know it. A massive beast with his mouth wide open will cause you goose bumps, but you are in for a much bigger thrill. In a not-so-surprising twist, the monster ripples the painting and comes out to attack you. Pierce makes the only logical decision to run away.

Violence Isn’t the Solution

Although being a survival horror game, The Call of Cthulhu sends a message that violence isn’t the solution but merely a desperate measure. Yes, you can grab a dagger and lightly hurt a monster, but it didn’t seem that you can kill him at any given moment. Instead, you choose the cowardly option and hide in a closet (hey, it’s a monster, whatever you have to do to survive).

At that moment, you find out another problem you need to solve – claustrophobia. As you hide in the closet, you notice that Pierce’s heart rate will go through the roof. You can’t let your hero suffer a heart attack and die on the spot (and in the closet while hiding), so you need to make sure you don’t spend too much time in there. Oh, and just so you know, claustrophobia isn’t the only phobia Pierce has and he can develop new ones as you play.

Being Smart Is the Way to Go in The Call of Cthulhu…

Killing the beast from the image requires a creative solution. You will hide in the closet until the monster just passes and then come out chasing towards the painting. Grabbing the dagger from the exhibits in the gallery and stabbing the painting should be enough for killing the creature. Or at least that’s what we thought. Stabbing the painting doesn’t seem to work, and the monster comes towards you with its huge mouth opened. Alas, that is where the trailer ends.


The Call of Cthulhu Things You Need to Know

The Call of Cthulhu will last for about 20 hours, and there is more than one possible ending in the game. According to the developers, at the moment there are four endings, and not a single one is happy. Knowing Lovecraft’s work that is precisely the way things should unfold. You can only hope that you will manage to keep Pierce alive through the entire game.

Although the demo of The Call of Cthulhu only showed small portions of the game, it is shaping up to be a great release for all the lovers of survival horror genre out there, along with Death Stranding and Outlast 2. I believe that there is no doubt that you will also love it if you are a fan of the master of horror H.P. Lovecraft. At the very end, the bad news is that the game doesn’t have an exact release date, but the developers want to release it by the end of 2017.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Confirmed Features, Better Than SW BF 1

Star Wars Battlefront series was rebooted by Electronic Arts in 2015 after the studio acquired the license to work on SW games for years to come. Two years later, we are the only month away from a successor and the new installment in the franchise. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will hit the market on November 17, 2017, when the release is expected on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Four Reasons Why Star Wars Battlefront II is Better than BF I

Before we dive into new features that Star Wars Battlefront 2 brings, let’s take a quick look at what the improvements will be when compared to Battlefront 1.

Space Battles Are Confirmed

There was one part missing in the franchise reboot, and those were the space battles. We were used to having them in Star Wars games, and we are glad to confirm that they will be present in Battlefront II. Furthermore, it is expected that they will be grandiose and epic. Considering how much Electronic Arts loves its games to look phenomenal, we do not doubt that we are in for a treat. Yes, it is more than expected that we will be able to drive the Millennium Falcon, don’t worry about that.

A Bunch of New Characters and Locations

The rebooted BF focused on the original trilogy (apart from the DLC), but the developers are taking it a step further. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will cover all eras, which opens numerous possibilities. Just imagine the various locations from different SW periods that can be the place of epic battles. Aside from that, this also means that there will be a broad range of heroes and villains in BF 2.

Multiplayer Will Be Class-Based

It’s nice when you see that the developers listen to the feedback from the players. Although Battlefront 1 was satisfactory, the main complaint is that the game lacked depth in particular areas. That is something that DICE wants to work on in Star Wars Battlefront II, and one of the modes that will go through a complete overhaul is multiplayer.

Unlike in the original, the multiplayer will now be class-based. It is a successful formula we’ve seen in other games, such as Battlefield, and considering that the concept generated success for others, DICE decided to implement it in Battlefront 2.

Players will have different roles to choose in multiplayer battles meaning that they will be particular expectations from them during the fight. All that will mean that they will need to master becoming useful in various roles if they want to become a truly versatile player of online modes and dominate the competition.

There Is Also a Single-Player Campaign

The players that are looking for single player experience in Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be thrilled to know that they will have one. In fact, DICE has been working on a campaign with an intricate plot that will ultimately fit in with what is happening in the movies.

According to some announcements and inside information, the story of Battlefront II will take place in the span of 13 years between what happened on Endor in The Return of the Jedi and the moment where the story continues in The Force Awakens.

The newest installment of the BF series will put you in the role of a ‘regular soldier.’ You shouldn’t expect to play as a Chewbacca or a Jedi knight in the single player mode. The solo experience will place you in the shoes of the commander of an Imperial Special Forces Unit (who is, by the way, a girl). According to DICE, we can expect an elaborate plot involving betrayal, revenge, and redemption.

Other Star Wars Battlefront 2 Confirmed Features

You’ve read about the significant improvements from the original franchise reboot, but there is more we know about Battlefront II. Let’s take a look at other confirmed features.

These Are Four Multiplayer Classes in Battlefront 2

Class-based multiplayer is a step forward, but the classes offered aren’t that innovative. It’s not like that they have to be, that merely means that you will quickly understand and adjust to your role in a multiplayer battle.

star wars battlefront 2 classes

You can choose between these four classes:

  • Heavy – a soldier that can utilize a combat shield to push his way through
  • Sniper – a soldier that can place trip mines (and probably shoot from afar)
  • Assault – a soldier that has the ability to use thermal grenades
  • Officer – a soldier that has knowledge in medicine and can improve health of those near him

Aside from that, you will Battle Points in matches that you can use to unlock heroes such as Darth Maul or Rey.

The Support for 4K Ultra HD

The most of AAA games this year offers support for 4K Ultra HD resolution, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be no exception. What we’ve seen from the graphics so far (a couple of trailers and presentation at E3 2017) leaves us in awe. Battlefront 2 might be one of the prettiest games that are run by the Frostbite 3 engine.

The only advice that we can give you is to splash the cash for a powerful PC, or a huge TV screen accompanies with one of the next-gen consoles. If you are a Star Wars fan, it will be worth it.

You Can Play It before the Release

Although it is scheduled for November 17, 2017, there is a way to get access to Star Wars Battlefront 2 more than a week sooner. You can do that if you are a member of either Origin Access or EA Access; in that case, you can play the game on November 9, 2017. There will also be a full beta for all the platforms, but the date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have a standard edition, as well as deluxe and collector’s edition which brings a lot of additional content. Some things will be included especially for those who pre-order the game, but you can also expect several DLCs along the way.

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