Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Gameplay, Release Date And Closed Beta


Oh, man, was I excited when I got the chance to play the demo of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord on the E3 Show held in Los Angeles this year. It all went quickly through my mind; how the original release in 2012 was an unpolished, but fantastic game. How the sequel was announced FIVE years ago, and TaleWorlds have been quiet about it ever since and how I expected a lot from their latest action RPG. The good news is that the demo kept up to my expectations, so let’s take a look at the way the developers presented epic medieval battles in Mount & Blade 2.

The First Demo Started a Bit Slow

We played a total of three different PC demos at E3, and the first one was there to heat things up a bit. It was nothing but a tutorial that explained us controls of the melee combat. We were put on a map and placed in a fight to the death with a bunch of other soldiers, while Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord explained us our moves.

The attacks that you can perform depend on the weapon you use. For example, you can slash your sword by dragging either left or right, do a stab by dragging down while pressing the left button of the mouse and dragging up will do an overhead strike. Depending on the weapon you choose you will have a different arsenal of moves. You don’t have to use only swords; for example, there are also spears in Mount & Blade 2.

Shields up If You Want to Protect Yourself

On the defensive end, you can use directional blocking, but the shields still do a better job of protecting you on the battlefield. Even if you happen to miss the direction in which you want to perform a block, you probably won’t get hurt at once, but your armor will suffer a bigger blow. That looks pretty realistic on the Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord battlefield.


The next thing we tried in the demo is throwing axes. That moved things from the close up to ranged combat, and it was very satisfying to inflict some damage from afar. It’s pretty simple to use the ax; you merely press the attack button when the reticle is located above your enemy. You should be careful when using your ax because the enemy can block it with a shield.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Battle Runs Smooth

If you are a new M&B player, it might take some time until you adjust to the combat system. On the other hand, if you’ve played previous installments, you know what to expect. Once you get the grip of how things work, you will find yourself performing some cool moves, such as hitting two people at once with a slash right after you blocked an axe coming your way.

The controls are responsive, and everything works smoothly in Mount & Blade II. The thing I liked is that it’s not all about hacking and slashing, you also need a dose of tactics aside from insanely clicking the buttons. The damage system is improved, and it now considers different factors, such as weight distribution. That practically means that the same type of hit won’t inflict the same amount of damage to the opponent every time, but the results vary.

Let’s Take Things One Step Further

The next demo allowed us to see a truly epic medieval battle unfolding on the screen. We were placed in the shoes of a commander wielding a sword while leading his army to victory. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord allows you to send your units wherever it fits your tactics, but it also places you right in the middle of the fight. It’s an incredible feeling when riding a horse and leading an army into a battle to the death. You are in the core of the combat, which is much better than other RPG games where you feel like you are sitting on the sidelines despite the fact you are commanding an army.


There is a bunch of different moves you can order your units to perform. You can split them into two groups or merge them, order a lighting attack or ask them to form a defensive shield wall. Mount & Blade 2 solves the controls in a nifty way, allowing you to directly perform those orders by clicking a single button to avoid it influencing your performance on the battlefield.

Do You Prefer to Command or Wield Your Sword?

M&B2: Bannerlord also gives you the option to allow your units make independent choices and focus on killing as many opponents as possible. Fortunately, the AI factor that comes into play here does an excellent job. The developers claimed that they analyzed some of the most famous battles in history to ensure that the behavior of the units on the battlefield is realistic.

One would imagine that wielding your sword and riding a horse at the same time is tricky and that is something that Mount & Blade 2 faithfully replicates. There’s so much you have to do; you need to slow down the pace of your horse, make sure to turn it properly to find the right angle and time the attack so that you actually inflict some damage to the enemy.


Unfortunately, riding a horse saw us feeling frustrated on more than one occasion. It seems that, even when you manage to land a hit, the opponent doesn’t suffer significant damage, which is why we soon focused on battling on foot. There’s still time for the developers to iron out this issue and we hope they will do that.

Control the Entire Army or Just a Portion of It

Aside from being the general commander, you can also control just a section of the army on the battlefield. That changes the things drastically because you need to follow the orders of the top command while making sure everything goes your way.

Unfortunately, this is the first time when AI messed up. We let the commands, and that led to many deaths of our soldiers because AI believed that the best tacticwas to attack the enemy at close range, leaving us pretty vulnerable.


We hope that the final version of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will solve these issues. On the bright side, we got to see archers in action, and they looked kind of cool with pointing out their arrows, despite the fact that the configuration only allowed them to shoot to their left.

Oh, My Lord! Lords Are There in Mount & Blade II

Aside from regular soldiers, you will notice that some of them wear special dresses. These are so-called Lords, which should represent figures of power worth respecting and keeping alive. We still don’t know for what reason because it remained unclear, but they should play a role in the final edition of Mount & Blade 2.


The Perfect Combo of Action and Strategy

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is shaping up to have everything that you can expect from an epic medieval battle. It combines the elements of action of dropping you right into the core of the combat with the strategy element of commanding your troops (or executing the commands of your superior). All in all, we expect a lot from the release.

Unfortunately, there is no set release date for Mount & Blade 2 yet. We are glad that the game is much more close to the final version that in 2012 when it was first announced and TaleWorlds should publish it soon. Our estimation is that the release of the full version will be by the end of 2017. Looking forward to it!

Forza Motorsport 7 Trailer, Gameplay And Release Date

Forza Motorsport 7

The Official Trailer For Forza Motorsport 7 Is Out

It seems that we are gearing up for a fantastic battle between amazing racing games in the fall when both Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport should be released. Of course, we can assume that each of them will find its way to racing fans, especially since they are targeting different consoles (Forza is Microsoft’s exclusive, while GT is Sony’s trademark). However, there is still that dilemma on who will come out on top and get the honor to be the best racing game of 2017. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft Studios are preparing for their newest installment – Forza Motorsport 7.

Forza has been around ever since the first Xbox console was released in 2005, and they established an impressive reputation over the years. That is why we expect a lot from each new addition to the franchise. The tenth installment, Forza Motorsport 7, stays true to providing a simulation experience for all those who like realism but doesn’t forget those players who just want to sit and play a couple of races without having to dig too much when it comes to handling.

FM7 is Microsoft’s exclusive, which means that we can expect it for Xbox and PC. We will focus on the console version as we had a chance to take a look at the official presentation of the game at the E3 Expo. The first impression that came to our mind is that the game looks stunning! Yes, many developers announced 4K support for their games, but we are still surprised to what extent 4K resolution can take graphics.

More Than 700 Cars Should Appear in Forza Motorsport 7

Yes, you’ve read it right. Believe it or not, over 700 cars will feature in the next release of the game Microsoft and Turn 10 are working on together. They are hiding most of the models, but among the vehicles available are latest cars by Porsche, McLaren, Aston Martin, Maserati, and many other renowned manufacturers, as well as their classic models.

Some of the things will have to wait for Forza Motorsport 7 review, but there are some things we can already claim. We had the chance to take the newest Porsche 911 GT2 RS and try the latest Dubai course. The glorious scenery is the first thing you notice once the track appears, but then your attention is grabbed by the level of detail that every car offers.

Forza Motorsport 7 Graphics

Once you start driving, you see that the controls are extremely responsive and easy to learn. The challenge of tackling various courses depends on the level of difficulty you selected prior to the race. As you through turns on the Dubai course, you will see some impressive views and witness how the sand is blowing across the open sections, which is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Forza Motorsport 7 Trailer

Aside from rally tracks, there are also circuit races that will take you to tracks you know from real life, such as Nürburgring. However, there is one thing that absolutely thrilled me. Forza Motorsport 7 will feature racing trucks for the first time in the series. That is something that should give you a break from regular races and provide some extra fun time. The first impression of the driving truck across one of the courses is that they are significantly bigger than cars, which leads to some real crowding that can result in a bunch of collisions during a turn. If you are a fan of something like that, you definitely have to give FM7 a try.

What’s New in Forza Motorsport 7

We’ve already mentioned a couple of additions that will be made to FM7, but let’s take a look at confirmed features that should improve our gaming experience. First of all, let’s mention the dynamic weather. The previous installment of the Forza franchise featured wet track conditions but failed to offer weather changes during a race. That is something that FM7 corrects and brings in the additional challenge of adjusting your drive depending on the weather changes.

Forza Motorsport 7 Gameplay

For example, you will start a race while the sky is sunny, but in the second lap, clouds will appear. The next lap will bring the rain, which can completely change the happenings on the course because the drivers will need to make changes to compensate for noticeably less grip in handling. Although the rain will stop soon, the track will remain wet, and you can see the puddles on the road, which is just a purely delightful touch.

Support for Xbox One X

If you were looking for a reason to buy Microsoft’s upcoming console and you are a fan of racing games, Forza Motorsport 7 should be enough to persuade you to make the purchase. Complete support for 4K Ultra HD and the fact that the game will run at 60 frames per second guarantees incredible graphics. That doesn’t mean that older versions of the console will get a worse experience because the developers specifically mentioned that they could expect all the features integrated into Xbox One X version of FM7.

Support for Microsoft’s Services

We mentioned that the game would be available on Xbox and PC and users of both will be able to make full use of OneDrive and Mixer, services offered by Microsoft. You can easily stream your music in Forza Motorsport 7 by using your OneDrive, while Mixer enables you to stream your races, which means that FM7 is looking also to become a spectator sport.

No Loading Screens

Last, but not least, is the feature that the developers chose to integrate while the races are loading. Previous installments saw us having to wait until the track loads, but now we can do a bunch of things while on a loading screen. For example, you can adjust your car and the difficulty for the upcoming race, and you can also make changes to your Drivatar. If you don’t remember, Drivatar is a cloud-based feature that created an AI racer based on your abilities and style of racing. The system didn’t quite take off in the previous games, but we expect Forza Motorsport 7 to make the necessary improvements and further develop it.

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