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Best New Games to Release by the End of 2018 and Most Anticipated Games of 2019

You might think that there are only a couple of months left in 2018, but those will be exciting months for all gaming fans. Plenty of games we’ve been looking forward to the entire year are scheduled to be released in October, November, and December and we will check out some of the most anticipated titles in this article. Furthermore, we will even mention the potentially best games of 2019 and th...[Read More]

Codemasters Officially Announces DiRT Rally 2.0

If anyone has experience with racing simulations, it is Codemasters. The newest addition to the genre is the formula 1 simulator F1 2018, but we can expect further great things from this studio in the near future. According to the announcement on the official blog, Dirt Rally 2.0 has been confirmed for February 2019. The exact release date is February 26, but the studio has officially started work...[Read More]

Red Dead Online to Be Released in November

Although Red Dead Redemption was announced for October 26th, gamers will have to be patient for a while more to play Red Dead Online. Rockstar officially confirmed that the release of the multiplayer variant of the game is scheduled for “somewhere in November 2018.” Furthermore, the studio only announced that a public beta will appear at that time, while we are still uncertain on the release of a ...[Read More]

Download Size and Other Important Features of Forza Horizon 4

Are you looking forward to the release of Forza Horizon 4, the latest installment in the successful racing franchise? If that is the case, you will surely be eager to know the information about the required space on the hard disk and the download size of the game. This info was officially shared on the Microsoft store where you can also purchase FH 4. At this moment, the download size of Forza Hor...[Read More]

These 5 Amazing Games Were Announced Five Years Ago, but We Are Still Waiting for the Release Date

It takes a while to make a great game and we can understand that. However, some developers are taking a lot more than usual. In fact, these releases were announced over five years ago and we still do not have any precise information about their release date. Cyberpunk 2077 When the first trailer appeared in 2013, it had over ten million views in just seven days. There was almost no news until this...[Read More]

Five Things to Know about Red Dead Redemption 2

The sequel to Red Dead Redemption is one of the games the players have been looking forward to for a long time. It seems that we are fairly close to the release of the game, so let’s take a look at the five things you should know about RDR 2! When Is the Release Date of Red Dead Redemption 2? It seems that it is definite that Red Dead Redemption 2 will release on October 26, 2018. While that is go...[Read More]

An Early Look at the Most Anticipated New Games of 2018

The next year is right around the corner. That is why this is the right time for us to take a look at what we can expect in the gaming scene in 2018. There will be a bunch of new games across all genres imaginable. It was not easy to make a selection of releases that we hope will be worth your attention. However, we made our choice, and it’s yours to start reading and imagining how impressive thes...[Read More]

The Creators of PUBG Will Release a New MMORPG Game Soon

It was PUBG that made the Bluehole Studio famous, but their team is aware that nothing lasts eternally, and that applies explicitly to fame in the gaming industry. That is why they announced that they are already working on a new release called Ascent: Infinite Realm. Few people know that Bluehole already has one MMORPG on their resume. In 2012, they released TERA (The Exiled Realms of Arborea). A...[Read More]

Metal Gear Survive Trailer, Gameplay and Release Date

There is a lot of weight on Konami’s shoulders regarding the upcoming Metal Gear Survive game. Not only it needs to be worthy of the famous franchise, but it’s the first sequel that excluded Hideo Kojima from the development. For those who might not know, Kojima is the creator of the series, but he left Konami a couple of years ago in what you could call a bad breakup. Now that we are only months ...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII System Requirements and How to Pre-Download the Game

We are counting days to the official release of the Call of Duty: WWII. The game that might even decide the future of the franchise will hit the digital shelves worldwide on November 3rd, 2017. In their latest announcement, Sledgehammer revealed the system requirements needed to play the game. We also saw some gameplay a while ago, and the game looks pretty good. We already knew that the new COD r...[Read More]

Battletech Hands-On: The Revival of the Mech Combat We Have Been Missing for Years!

Fans of wargaming have undoubtedly heard of the Battletech franchise. It has been more than 20 years since the last tactical turn-based game of this theme appeared on PC and Harebrained Schemes believes that now is the right moment. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $2,500,000 the official release of Battletech is announced for early 2018. The fact that Paradox Interactive a...[Read More]

Frostpunk Preview: You Are the Only Hope for the Mankind to Survive the Ice Age

We just love when we encounter a promising indie release and Frostpunk has all the elements of being a fantastic game. The Polish developing team, 11 Bit Studios, has already released one indie gem – This War of Mine, in which you had to survive during the war. They are now taking it one step further and creating a city-building survival simulation called Frostpunk. Can the Humanity Survive the Ne...[Read More]