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How to Obtain an Lost Ark Account and Join the Beta

After a total of seven years in development, Lost Ark has finally entered the Beta phase. The bad news is that it is only available to players from South Korea. Fortunately, there are ways that you may try to go around this restriction and test the game yourself. Check them out in the article below. Requirements to Play Lost Ark Beta We already established that the beta version is only playable in...[Read More]

Dwarf Fortress Premium Will Release on Steam Soon

The first time we had the chance to play Dwarf Fortress was in 2006 when brothers Zach and Tarn Adams first released the game. Today, we discovered that the intriguing roguelike simulation is making its way to Steam. The reason why the title is heading for Valve’s distribution platform is that the developers want to make it premium. Up until this point, the game was freeware, but that will not be ...[Read More]

Weedcraft Inc. Will Put You in Charge of Marijuana Business

We do not want to discuss whether marijuana should be legal, and what’s your stance on the issue. Regardless of what do you think about legalizing marijuana, perhaps you should keep an open mind and play a game about developing marijuana-based business. According to Eurogamer, Weedcraft Inc, a marijuana tycoon game, is scheduled to release on April 11th. The developers are the guys from Devolver D...[Read More]

The Impostor Factory Will Be a New Game from Freebird

To the Moon was an amazing game, and all those who loved that title can now look forward to the next release from the Freebird Games. According to the announcement on PC Gamer that also contains an official teaser, Impostor Factory is the name of the upcoming title. The video itself doesn’t reveal that much as it is fairly short and doesn’t contain a lot of details. Fortunately, one of the designe...[Read More]

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Gets an Official Release Date

Crate Entertainment did an excellent job with their Grim Dawn action RPG that was initially released in 2016. The developers released a couple of expansions so far, including Ashes of Malmouth, Crucible Mode DLC, and a special pack for Steam loyalists. However, we have been waiting on their newest expansion Forgotten Gods for a while now. The creators finally confirmed that they have an official r...[Read More]

Halo The Master Chief Collection to Release on PC Next Week?

The Halo franchise is still alive and well, and Microsoft has planned what to do with it in the future. That is the only thing that we can claim after watching the newest teaser for the Inside Xbox episode scheduled for next week. The teaser focuses on only one thing – the Halo Master Chief Collection. The creators of the show plan to focus on that release in the upcoming episode, but what does th...[Read More]

Stranded Sails Is a Pirate-Themed Game about Surviving on a Tropical Island

The fact that thousands of players loved Stardew Valley inspires developers to upgrade that idea and create their formulas to make new great games. Lemonbomb Entertainment is one of those studios, and they are developing Stranded Sails. The game combines the SV theme with pirates, which sounds like an intriguing combination. According to the details revealed online, you will only be able to play t...[Read More]

The Curious Expedition 2 Will Hit Early Access During 2019

The Curious Expedition is a game that takes you back to the 19th century and puts you in charge of an expedition. It is a roguelike mixture of adventure, RPG, and strategy many by Maschinen-Mensch. The development team seems satisfied with the results that this release published in 2016 delivered, which is the reason why they announced a sequel. At this point, we only know that we can expect The C...[Read More]

Devil May Cry 5 to Release This Week

March 8th may be the Mother’s Day, but it will also be a holiday for the fans of the Devil May Cry franchise. The new and long-awaited instalment in the series – DMC 5 – will officially release this week. As Capcom revealed, the launch times vary depending on your time zone. When it comes to the Americas (Latin, South, and North), Devil May Cry 5 will release on March 7th at 9 PM PST. The fans in ...[Read More]

Outlaws of the Old West – An Exciting Cowboy-Themed Game or RDR 2 Clone?

There are two types of companies in the gaming industry – those that are not afraid of innovations that set new trends, and those that follow those trends to upgrade them or take a portion of the market share. That is not necessarily a bad thing if gamers get an exciting new release to play. Is that the case with Outlaws of the Old West? It shouldn’t take an expert to realize that the developers w...[Read More]

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Will be Released in August

The gaming community is smart enough to pay attention to details, which is often why the public finds out details about new games even before the developers and publishers confirm it. That was the case with the official release date of the Age of Wonders: Planetfall. The reveal happened on the Reset Era forum where one of the users posted about the appearance of the listing on Steam. Other users s...[Read More]

World War Z Set for an April Release – What about System Requirements?

Who is on the mood for a co-op shooter? Although we do think the market is getting a bit overcrowded, there is one game that we are looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. We are glad that Saber Interactive revealed a release date for World War Z. The studio indicated that we can expect the game on April 16th and that they will simultaneously release the full version for PC, Xbox One, and P...[Read More]

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