The Creators of PUBG Will Release a New MMORPG Game Soon

It was PUBG that made the Bluehole Studio famous, but their team is aware that nothing lasts eternally, and that applies explicitly to fame in the gaming industry. That is why they announced that they are already working on a new release called Ascent: Infinite Realm. Few people know that Bluehole already has one MMORPG on their resume. In 2012, they released TERA (The Exiled Realms of Arborea). A...[Read More]

Niantic Announces Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Augmented Reality Game

It was 2012 when Niantic released the first augmented reality game for the mobile market called Ingress. That title turned real-world into a game board, but it was Pokémon GO that made the AR mobile gaming famous worldwide. It seems that Niantic plans to push the limit once again and exceed all expectations with their next AR release that will introduce us to the Harry Potter world of magic. Niant...[Read More]

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Review – Can You Save the Princess?

Ever wanted to own a castle? That is what you can do in the new mobile role-playing game Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom, but there is a condition. The Abyss Lord is causing chaos throughout the kingdom. He kidnapped the old King along with his daughter Princess Olivia. As every princess, she is one lovely lady, and everyone would like to win her heart. The Abyss Lord did choose the wrong approach b...[Read More]

PUBG Sells 20 Million Copies and Announces Xbox One Release Date

It has been a big day for PUBG with two important announcements coming from Brendan Greene himself. The game is celebrating selling 20 million copies, which is another confirmation that it’s the surprise hit of the year. The milestone is even more significant if you consider the fact that they doubled the sales number after only two months. As PC Gamer reported, it was in September when Bluehole s...[Read More]

Razer Phone for Gamers Will Release on November 17

If you are a passionate game, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Razer. You are probably also using their peripheral gaming equipment, such as headsets, keyboards, or mouse. They are now making their entrance to the mobile market with the Razer Phone designed primarily for gaming. If there is one thing we are sure about this company, it’s that they use high-quality components to make excellent product...[Read More]

Fishing Clash Review: The Most Fun You Will Have with Catching Fish Ever!

Fishing is not a hobby for everyone. It takes a patient and tactful approach if you want to make a great catch. But all the time spent in the boat doing practically nothing but waiting for the fish to bite didn’t seem attractive to me. That is probably why Ten Square Games took a more popular approach and tried to make fishing exciting. Mind you; it succeeded in doing so because Fishing Clash migh...[Read More]

Metal Gear Survive Trailer, Gameplay and Release Date

There is a lot of weight on Konami’s shoulders regarding the upcoming Metal Gear Survive game. Not only it needs to be worthy of the famous franchise, but it’s the first sequel that excluded Hideo Kojima from the development. For those who might not know, Kojima is the creator of the series, but he left Konami a couple of years ago in what you could call a bad breakup. Now that we are only months ...[Read More]

It’s Official: Microsoft Is Retiring Kinect After Seven Years

It was evident that the future had nothing good in store for Microsoft Kinect. The company has now confirmed that their once incredibly popular product is retiring. That was revealed by the GM of Xbox Devices Marketing Matthew Lapson and the Kinect author Alex Kipman. Kinect was through a lot during its seven-year history. When it had launched in 2010, it was considered a revolutionary product tha...[Read More]

Game-Changing Vaulting Mechanic Coming to PUBG in the Next Update

As if they didn’t change the experience enough when they made the blue zone more lethal, the developers of PUBG announced that another crucial game-changer is making its way to their game. The next big adjustment will be the implementation of vaulting. Although Bluehole Studios denied that they would make that possible a couple of months ago, Brendan Greene himself confirmed that the change should...[Read More]

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Expansion Pass Brings Us Four Add-Ons

If you are starting to get bored with the original Middle-earth: Shadow of War game, even after the most recent update, Warner Bros has just published the schedule of DLC’s planned for the season. The good news is that we will get to play four expansions until May 2018! Slaughter Tribe Nemesis The first DLC will appear in November 2017 under the name Slaughter Tribe Nemesis. It will provide an ins...[Read More]

What Will Destiny 2 Patch 1.0.6 Fix and What’s the Release Date?

After waiting for a long time (too long, if you ask them), the PC fans finally got the opportunity to play the full version of Destiny 2. We can’t deny that it’s looking phenomenal, but the developers aren’t taking things for granted even now when the game is up and running. Bungie has published an announcement in which they discussed the 1.0.6 patch which will be released in the next few days. He...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII System Requirements and How to Pre-Download the Game

We are counting days to the official release of the Call of Duty: WWII. The game that might even decide the future of the franchise will hit the digital shelves worldwide on November 3rd, 2017. In their latest announcement, Sledgehammer revealed the system requirements needed to play the game. We also saw some gameplay a while ago, and the game looks pretty good. We already knew that the new COD r...[Read More]