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An Official Trailer for Overwatch’s New Hero Baptiste Now Available

Is it already time for a new hero to be added to Overwatch? According to Blizzard, the answer is yes. The first teaser about who will be the new character in the addictive shooter appeared last week. Today, the news is confirmed – it will be Baptiste. His full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, and he is a medic by profession. The video revealed yesterday shared the origin story of the new Overwatch ...[Read More]

One Finger Death Punch 2 Free Demo Available on Monday

Do you like to play games that put your reflexes to the test? In that case, you will love One Finger Death Punch 2, a new game from Silver Dollar Games and a sequel to a great little arcade brawler. At first glance, it shapes up that this could be a real indie gem. However, we will probably receive the answer to that question on Monday, February 11th, which is when a free demo will become availabl...[Read More]

What You Should Know about Apex Legends, the New Battle Royale Developed by Titanfall Creators

We knew that Battle Royale games are popular, but you still have to offer something intriguing and different to attract the crowd. Apex Legends, a new BR title developed by Respawn, found its way to players. Furthermore, its first day has been so successful that they welcomed one million unique players in the first eight hours. Apex Legends is a bit of a surprising release, especially considering ...[Read More]

Mage’s Initiation Finally Released After Ten Years in Development

Mage’s Initiation is a game that has been in development for more than a decade. Himalaya Studios decided to launch a Kickstarter project in 2013, but it still took more than five years to complete the game. However, the developers are proud to announce that the full version of the release is officially out now! According to the community, Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements finds inspiration...[Read More]

A Promising Indie Game Called Praey for the Gods Enters Early Access

Praey for the Gods is an in-development indie adventure of an unusual name. No, it is not a typo as the developers were forced to change the title after Bethesda’s lawyers “asked” them to do so. Although the name was problematic, the indie scene still expects a lot from this release. That is why everyone got so excited yesterday when No Matter Studios revealed that the game would enter the Early A...[Read More]

Slay the Spire Full Version Available, More Expensive Than Early Access

Slay the Spire is an indie card game that officially entered Early Access in November 2017. It was immediately clear that the release features a unique idea and an innovative approach. The reviews published on Steam have been overwhelmingly positive, and that best speaks about the quality of the game. The authors didn’t rush to get this gem out of Early Access. Although they worked on the game and...[Read More]

A Fisherman’s Tale Is a New VR Adventure Game That You Should Try

Virtual reality games may be the future of gaming, but they still have a long way to go before becoming that. However, it is always nice to see a release that tries to take things to the next level, such as A Fisherman’s Tale developed by Innerspace VR. We first heard of this game in November 2018 when a gameplay trailer was revealed: The developers described the game as a mind-bending release fea...[Read More]

Polybius, a High-Paced Arcade Shooter with VR Support, Is Now Available for PC

Polybius is an arcade shooter that used to be exclusive to PlayStation, but now it is finally available to PC users, too. Developed and published by Llamasoft, this game is predominantly made for VR devices, although it can also be played on standard monitors. However, the developers emphasize that Oculus Rift is the best way to maximize the playing experience. Your task is to navigate a ship thro...[Read More]

You Can Finally Play Atlas, A New Pirate-Themed MMO

If you delay your release several times, are you creating extra hype around your game or just showing your incompetence to release in time? This is the discussion the gaming community has been having about Atlas for several days now. The new pirate-themed massively multiplayer online game was supposed to be released on Friday. Famous Twitch streamers were ready to test as soon as it became availab...[Read More]

Book of Demons Leaves Early Access and Impresses Players

It has been around two years since the Book of Demons entered the Early Access phase. During that period, the game had an impressive amount of positive reviews. In fact, more than 90% of the posted opinions were positive, which means that over 2,000 players were thrilled with the game’s combination of hack-and-slash and deck building. The developers may have used Diablo as their inspiration to cre...[Read More]

Ride 3 Officially Launches; Promises the Most Exciting Bike Racing Ever

The end of November brought some fantastic news for the fans of bike racing simulations. The third sequel to a popular franchise – Ride 3 – has officially been released for PC, PlayStation 4., and Xbox One. The first two instalments were extremely successful and Milestone decided to follow the formula and offer more of the same, just better. Ride 3 features over 230 bikes from seven categories and...[Read More]

Meet Frog Detective on The Haunted Island and Solve a Charming Mystery

If you are a fan of short playthroughs and games that do not take days to complete, allow us to revert your attention to The Haunted Island. The release became available on Steam several days ago and it is available at a fair price of $4.49. Aside from being short, this game is also unique as it features a frog detective as the main protagonist. Everything revolves around a supernatural mystery. A...[Read More]

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