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Destiny 2 Beta, what you can and can’t do in this test

Considering the success that the original game achieved on both consoles and PC, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the players around the globe can’t wait for Destiny 2, the sequel to the first-person shooter you could only play online. Summer brings some great news for the fans because Activision and Bungie confirmed that we would be able to try the beta version of the game. The beta will be ava...[Read More]

Arrr! Get Ready for a Pirate-Themed Season 8 of Fortnite

Are you ready for the Season 8 of Fortnite? And while we are at it, do you love pirates? If the answer to both questions with a resounding yes, you will glad to hear that Epic Games seems to plan to theme the next season of its popular IP around pirates. We are already used to Epic being cryptic in their tweets about Fortnite. Now that we are only four days away from the Season 8, which will start...[Read More]

Injustice 2 first look and release date on PS4/Xbox One

NetherRealm Studios is a team that succeeded in bringing the Mortal Kombat franchise back to life. They had done a great job with the Injustice: Gods Among Us, so you could safely say that they know how to make a fighting game. That is why we are looking forward to their newest installment. Injustice 2 is set for release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) on May 16, 2017. What can stop Batman fro...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat XI Unofficially Confirmed – The Franchise Lives On

It sounds hard to believe, but the first Mortal Kombat game appeared over 25 years ago. Ever since 1992, it has been an integral part of lives of both children and adult gamers. We need to admit that it was the Netherrealm Studios that virtually resurrected the series with the brilliant Mortal Kombat 9 that had been released in 2011. The team continued to make incredible fighting games, which incl...[Read More]

Counter Strike: GO Developer Pled Guilty to Felony Charges

Jess Cliffe belongs to the group of people who created Counter-Strike, one of the most famous first-person shooters ever. Unfortunately for him, Cliffe has become famous for something else. He has been charged for a felony a year ago and the charges involved sexual exploitation. For things to be worse for Cliffe, it was the one of a minor. Valve has reacted quickly after he was initially arrested ...[Read More]

Call of Duty: WW2 – New Gameplay, Multiplayer, Zombies Details

The Call of Duty franchise desperately needs an innovation or something that will reboot the series and return to the path of success. The latest attempt in doing something like that is Call of Duty: WW2, the game that will return the players to Second World War. Most of the recent games of the COD franchise were set shortly and, although they did nothing wrong but only followed the formula that w...[Read More]

What You Can Expect from Anthem in the Next Three Months – A Roadmap

Some of us were playing Anthem for over a week, but it is now official – the game is officially available for the entire gaming community. The initial player impressions are a mixture of love and hate with some players loving the game and others emphasizing that it has plenty of issues. If gameplay depends on individual preference, we have only the developers to blame for technical problems, and A...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and World in Conflict Free for PC!

Holidays are already here for those that love Ubisoft games. The famous studio decided to celebrate two milestones, and that is why they are giving away two releases for free! The games that you can get free of cost via UPlay are World in Conflict and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. The promotion will occur during a two-week period and end on December 18th. Ten years after its initial release, Ubi...[Read More]

Would You Like to Play Overwatch for Free During the Weekend?

If your friends have been playing Overwatch, why wouldn’t you join the party? Thanks to Blizzard, you will be able to do it for free this weekend. The promotion is already active, and it will run until November 20, which means that you have two more days to play the game at no cost. You can enjoy the entire roster of 26 characters and the weekend is more than enough to choose your favorite one! Th...[Read More]

Zlatan Legends – Take The Podium as The Champion of The Universe!

If you are a football fan (the thing that Americans call soccer for some reason), you surely know who Zlatan Ibrahimovic is. The Swedish player with Balkan heritage is among the best players of today and among the most unique personalities to ever be in football. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he got his own game called Zlatan Legends. The mobile release offers you a chance to become the best ...[Read More]

Sigil, the Free Spiritual Successor of Doom, Will Release in February

I recently celebrated my birthday and I am anything that I turned…erm, my current age number. Rare are the situations where I get the chance to feel pleased that I am ancient, but one of them is definitely that I get to say to the younger gamers that I enjoyed Doom once it was initially released. For those of you that do not know, this franchise has begun its journey in 1993 and is celebrating 25 ...[Read More]

Hijacked Added to Call of Duty Blackout; Causes Chaos

We love big updates to even bigger games! This is exactly what Treyarch delivered for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with their large update for Blackout. At the moment, the update seems to only be available on PlayStation 4, and it was released under the name Operation Zero. The biggest changes it makes are related to the most popular Blackout mode of this first-person shooter. The first impression wh...[Read More]