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Unheard Stars a Detective That Solves Cases Based on Sound

It is an obvious hyperproduction of games these days and it is exceptionally tough to be original and innovative. It may be weird, but the indie developers that don’t belong to the biggest studios are usually innovation leaders in the industry. In the world of visuals, one game just decided to go to an entirely different direction and focus on sounds. So, instead of focusing on what you see, you w...[Read More]

Hijacked Added to Call of Duty Blackout; Causes Chaos

We love big updates to even bigger games! This is exactly what Treyarch delivered for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with their large update for Blackout. At the moment, the update seems to only be available on PlayStation 4, and it was released under the name Operation Zero. The biggest changes it makes are related to the most popular Blackout mode of this first-person shooter. The first impression wh...[Read More]

Will Fallout 76 Become Free to Play?

Bethesda and the gaming community had huge hopes for Fallout 76, but everything went south as soon as the game was released. In the world of fierce competition, Bethesda made too many mistakes in development and just failed to make their game good. The statistics and news are no speaking in favour of Fallout 76 or the company and they have been getting a lot of negative publicity lately. The sad t...[Read More]

Panzer Dragoon Set for a Remastered Version in 2019

Up until recently, we thought that only movie industry is running out of ideas and focusing more on remakes. However, it seems that the same thing is happening with the gaming industry. Let’s clarify one thing – we do not have anything against this as most games deserve a remastered version with improved graphics and sound. Also, it would make some of the true retro gems more appealing and accessi...[Read More]

Sigil, the Free Spiritual Successor of Doom, Will Release in February

I recently celebrated my birthday and I am anything that I turned…erm, my current age number. Rare are the situations where I get the chance to feel pleased that I am ancient, but one of them is definitely that I get to say to the younger gamers that I enjoyed Doom once it was initially released. For those of you that do not know, this franchise has begun its journey in 1993 and is celebrating 25 ...[Read More]

CS: GO Goes Free to Play and Adds Battle Royale – Players Enraged

You need to follow the trends and CS: GO did just that when they included a Battle Royale mode and made the game free to play. This was an unexpected decision for the trusted fanbase, but understandable from an economic point of view. Regardless of that, it wasn’t welcomed by the gamers who posted more than 18,000 bad reviews on Steam’s official game page. This doesn’t affect the overall reputatio...[Read More]

Stranger Things 3: The Game Is the Next Sequel to the Franchise

The first Stranger Things game was released in 2017 and it had solid success. It wasn’t a huge project as BonusXP, an indie developer, was behind it, but the fans were pretty satisfied with the final outcome. As the studio announced, we will soon get the chance to play Stranger Things 3: The Game. If you think that it is weird that number three is in the name despite this being the only second ins...[Read More]

The Outer Worlds Is a New Game By Obsidian to Be Released Next Year

We can’t fight it – we just love new game announcements. Hell, sometimes it seems that we are more excited when a new title is announced than when it is released. And if there ever was a time to be excited about the release of a new game, it is for The Outer Worlds. This is an upcoming role-playing game with an extra FPS element that comes from Obsidian. Obsidian is a studio that created Fallout: ...[Read More]

Ashes of Creation Open Beta Features a Fantasy Battle Royale

Yes, it seems like there are too many Battle Royale games on the market. It seems that many developers are trying to boost their profits and use the popularity of the genre which makes it hard to find games truly worth your while. It seems that one of them could be Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse, the game that plans a beta phase which is available to everyone interested. How is this game different ...[Read More]

Bethesda Confirms We Can Expect Rage 2 in May 2019

The last month or two were anything but great for Bethesda. Something that was supposed to be a memorable journey with Fallout 76 turned out into a real nightmare. Plenty of negative publicity certainly affected the studio with the latest bad news regarding the leak of customers’ contacts. There was no doubt that Bethesda could have used a positive piece of news and it finally arrived with the las...[Read More]

We Have an Official Release Date for Far Cry: New Dawn

The Game Awards attracted a lot of attention from the community. However, it seems that less focus was on the awards themselves and more on the announcements of upcoming games. One of those that the gaming community is looking forward to is Far Cry: New Dawn. Ubisoft officially confirmed that the next sequel in their successful franchise will be released on February 15, 2019. The company also conf...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat 11 to Arrive in April 2019

It was a bit surprising when Ed Boon, the guy who co-created Mortal Kombat, climbed up on The Game Awards stage. He definitely deserved to have the honor of presenting an award, but it was surprising that Boon was presenting the best racing game award. It became clear why he was planned to take the stage when a trailer appeared. It turned out to be the trailer of Mortal Kombat 11, the next install...[Read More]