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Apex Legend Will Include a New Legend Called Octane Soon?

The silent release hasn’t stopped Apex Legends from becoming a huge hit among the players. They recently hit the whopping 50-million player mark, and they do not plan on stopping. The fact that we can expect the first Battle Pass soon only fuels the hype and the interest about the game. The release of the first BP is scheduled for March 12, and the rumours indicate that we will get the chance to p...[Read More]

Conan Unconquered Has New Footage, and It Looks Promising

Conan Unconquered is an upcoming real-time strategy release focusing on survival. The development team behind the title is Petroglyph Games, which have recently revealed fresh game footage that allows us to check out their next planned release. In case you do not know, Petroglyph Games is most known for Star Wars: Empire at War. Electronic Arts also employed them to work on remastered versions of ...[Read More]

Neverdark Is a Cyberpunk Mix of Tactics and 4X Strategy Just Announced By Slitherine

Imagine this scenario – the entire world loses electricity supply and there is no communication or even the opportunity to use electronic appliances. It is only natural to assume that it would wreak havoc throughout the entire world. That is exactly the topic of the new game Neverdark, which was officially announced by Slitherine. We know this studio for many great releases, including Panzer Corps...[Read More]

Oikospeil Is a Weird, but Great Game That Is Now Available for Free

Oikospiel is one of those unique games that doesn’t copy anyone else’s idea or has a title that reminds of it. The indie gem is currently available to download and keep, and it will remain like that until the end of March. The reason for this giveaway is that it is the second birthday of Oikospiel, which makes this the ideal period for a celebration. What Is Oikospiel? You will play as Pluto, a Ge...[Read More]

The Best Short Indie Games of 2019 and Why Play Them

When you are talking about the best games of the year, we tend to mention large titles developed by even bigger companies. While nobody can deny those releases are great, there are many hidden gems among indie releases. We are talking about games that might not be as long but provide an excellent playing experience. They are also perfect for those that do now have a lot of time to spend gaming. He...[Read More]

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Reveal Scheduled for April

It has been a rough ride for the Electronic Arts and the Star Wars franchise, but things seem to be getting at the right track finally. Respawn has been working on the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order relentlessly and it seems that they are making some progress. As PC Gamer revealed, we can expect the official reveal of the game in April. The date we are looking for is April 13th, which will be the mi...[Read More]

CD Projekt Red Will Appear on E3, What About Cyberpunk 2077?

CD Projekt RED is a studio that can make excellent games, which has been confirmed with The Witcher. We also know that making great games takes a lot of time, and that is the most reasonable explanation of why the development of Cyberpunk 2077 is taking so long. The new studio’s release based on the famous tabletop game will probably arrive soon, but there is nothing apart from the rumours regardi...[Read More]

The Release Date of the Outer Worlds Accidentally Revealed

For a moment, it seemed that August 6th was the official release date of the Outer Worlds. The role-playing game developed by Obsidian is set to appear during 2019, but we still don’t know when. However, an update to their Steam page revealed a change to the release date to August 6th. It wasn’t the only thing that this update revealed as it also announced plans for language support and other intr...[Read More]

Arrr! Get Ready for a Pirate-Themed Season 8 of Fortnite

Are you ready for the Season 8 of Fortnite? And while we are at it, do you love pirates? If the answer to both questions with a resounding yes, you will glad to hear that Epic Games seems to plan to theme the next season of its popular IP around pirates. We are already used to Epic being cryptic in their tweets about Fortnite. Now that we are only four days away from the Season 8, which will start...[Read More]

What You Can Expect from Anthem in the Next Three Months – A Roadmap

Some of us were playing Anthem for over a week, but it is now official – the game is officially available for the entire gaming community. The initial player impressions are a mixture of love and hate with some players loving the game and others emphasizing that it has plenty of issues. If gameplay depends on individual preference, we have only the developers to blame for technical problems, and A...[Read More]

Steam Removing Video Section to Further Focus on Gaming

Steam has been the dominating gaming distribution platform for years. However, his leading position has now been compromised by the Epic Games store. It is an ongoing battle between the two companies, and it seems that Valve is making adjustments that will keep its focus on the gaming industry. The latest in the line of those modifications is the decision to retire the Video section from Steam. Al...[Read More]

Bethesda Has Big Plans for Fallout 76 in 2019

It has a been a rocky start for Bethesda’s Fallout 76, but it seems that the studio managed to make the game better and save as many players as they could. The plan for the future is clear – attract all those gamers that left (and some new ones) by offering great content. In the newest blog post, the studio announced its plans for the upcoming year. “We are aware of our mistakes, but we are doing ...[Read More]