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You Can Now Download and Stream PS 4 and PS 2 Games Via PlayStation Now

Exciting news are coming from Sony as the company announced that you will now need a PlayStation 4 console with just a single subscription to download and stream PlayStation Now titles, which means they will be playable both online and offline. A huge majority of release available through this service can be downloaded, including NBA 2K16, God of War 3 Remastered, and Bloodborne. However, this is ...[Read More]

A part of Destiny 2: Forsaken and Ghost Recon Wildlands Available for Free This Weekend

The weekend is coming and you should make room in your schedule to play two phenomenal games that will be available for free! The promotion will only last for a limited period during the weekend and will involve the Gambit mode in Destiny 2: Forsaken and Ghost Recon Wildlands. The recent release of Forsaken, the expansion for Destiny 2, caught a lot of attention from the gamers from around the wor...[Read More]

Box Art for Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Out and It Looks Amazing

It has been over a decade since Kingdom Hearts II was released and many fans of the franchise gave up all hopes on a third sequel. However, when Square Enix confirmed the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 to be 29th January 2019, our expectations started to grow. It seems that the developers know how long it has been from the last installment, which is why they are constantly offering new informati...[Read More]

Capcom Profited More Than Expected with Monster Hunter: World

It is obvious that Monster Hunter: World enjoys incredible popularity among gamers. Although it was apparent that Capcom hit the jackpot with this game, the company officially confirmed that they are more than satisfied with the sales of this release. In fact, if you keep in mind only the sold copies on PC, the company revealed that not only the number met their expectations, but also exceeded the...[Read More]

Amazon Invites Alpha Testers to Try Their New MMO Called “New World”

If you were having doubts that Amazon is a truly large company, they’ve once again demonstrated their business’ sheer size. Among other things, Amazon has decided to let their Game Studio create nothing less than a huge massive multiplayer online game called New World. The latest news related to this game involves even more screenshots offered on their official Twitter page, as well as important i...[Read More]

Halo Infinite Will Feature Microtransactions in Form of Cosmetic Items

It was recently confirmed that Halo Infinite is the next complete installment in the franchise or, if you prefer, a Halo 6 without the number mentioned. Microsoft’s subsidiary development studio 343 Industries is in charge of developing the game, but apart from that, we don’t know a lot of about this game. That is, we didn’t until now. We like those small things that give away big secrets and, in ...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered Included in AC Odyssey Season Pass

If you are an Assassin’s Creed franchise fan, the chances are that you will buy a season pass for Odyssey, the next installment in the series which releases on October 5, 2018. If you do purchase the season pass, you will also get Assassin’s Creed III Remastered! This great piece of news was just revealed by Ubisoft, which plans to release the remastered version of the 2012 release in March 2019. ...[Read More]

Battlefield V Beta Implements Changes Requested by the Players

Battlefield would probably not be such a successful franchise if DICE hasn’t learned how to listen to the desires and demands of the community. It seems that the studio continues to be committed to communicating with the player base since the recent news confirmed more changes to Battlefield V are being made based on the community feedback. Now, if you are wondering about the exact adjustments mad...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat XI Unofficially Confirmed – The Franchise Lives On

It sounds hard to believe, but the first Mortal Kombat game appeared over 25 years ago. Ever since 1992, it has been an integral part of lives of both children and adult gamers. We need to admit that it was the Netherrealm Studios that virtually resurrected the series with the brilliant Mortal Kombat 9 that had been released in 2011. The team continued to make incredible fighting games, which incl...[Read More]

Fortnite Fall Skirmish – $10 Million Prize Pool Is Ready

Epic Games hit the jackpot with Fortnite, but there are players who have been awarded great sums of money, too. It took eight long weeks of competing until the Summer Skirmish finally ended, but the total value of prizes was a whopping $8 million dollars. Now, the even better news is coming from the developers. According to Epic, the Fall Skirmish will have even more money ready for the players of...[Read More]

Bethesda Plans Wolfenstein 3…but We Do Not Know When

Can you believe that Wolfenstein has been around one way or the other for 25 years? There is no doubt that the franchise was resurrected when Bethesda took over and the development studio brings us more good news for all fans of the series. It was confirmed by Pete Hines, a member of Bethesda, that we can expect the next installment in the franchise. We already know that Youngblood is set to appea...[Read More]

Rayman Legends, Borderlands 2, and 600 More Games Available in This Week’s Steam Sale

We are sure that you used at least one Steam sale to purchase a great game at a discount price. This platform takes care of their players, which is why they make sure to organize game sales every week. You’ve read that right – if you visit Steam every Monday, you will see that the platform has some excellent releases at significantly lowered prices. Let’s take a look at what is available this week...[Read More]