Golf Battle Review: A Golf Game with a Fun Twist

If you ask me, only casual games should be developed for mobile phones. It is just the type of device for this sort of games – grab it whenever you want, play for a couple of minutes (or hours) and have fun without too much thinking involved. Golf Battle is one of those games – it is simple to learn, but it has a huge replay value and addictiveness level. Although it is sports-themed, it is perfec...[Read More]

Empires and Puzzles Hacks, Cheats and Tips – Acquire All The Gems You Need

It has been a while since we have seen a game as interesting and deep as Empires & Puzzles. The release combines several different genres. Although it is a match-three game at its core, there are also collectable cards, as well as the elements of the base building. It is incredibly easy to get hooked to the game and start playing for hours every day. However, just as with all others freemium t...[Read More]

Empires & Puzzles Review – A New Take on The Match-Three Genre

It seems that development teams from Finland know how to make great games, especially for mobile phones. Another proof of that is the Empires & Puzzles created by Small Giant Games from this country. This is an interesting take on the match-three genre that offers some new ideas or dares to combine existing ones. Either way, the final result is a role-playing match-3 that is becoming quite pop...[Read More]

Guns of Glory Hacks, Cheats, and Tips – Become the Greatest Ruler

While it might not be as popular as some other mobile real-time strategies, Guns of Glory definitely has its loyal base of players. It managed to secure that by making use of the existing genre concepts in a proper way. GOG might not offer anything new, but the familiar RTS formula works flawlessly. Do you want to build various structures and upgrade them to the highest possible level? Perhaps you...[Read More]

Guns of Glory Review – A Strategy Game With an Intriguing Story

The release of Guns of Glory was followed by a controversy. Diandian Interactive actually used in-game footage from Total War and Age of Empires, which was noticed by the internet community. It has been a while since then and GOG has managed to gather a fairly loyal base of followers. Let’s take a look at what the fuss is all about and whether this strategy is worth your time. The King Is Dead and...[Read More]

Fortnite Mobile Hacks, Cheats, Tips and Tricks – Getting Ahead Can Be Easy

Epic Games made a brilliant business move with Fortnite. They decided to offer their Battle Royale for free, which attracted millions of players from around the world and resulted in huge earnings from the in-game purchases. The developers now want to utilize the same approach for the Fortnite Mobile version of the game. If you are not a fan of spending cash on games, especially their portable ver...[Read More]

Fortnite Mobile Review – One of the Most Popular Battle Royale Games

PUBG was there first, but then Fortnite appeared and took a huge portion of its glory. Although the game is free to play, Epic Games has earned millions just by making in-game items available for purchase. It was only a matter of time when a mobile version will appear and today we are presenting you Fortnite Mobile for Android and iOS! Prepare a Charger…and an iPhone Let’s go through a couple of t...[Read More]

SUP Multiplayer Racing Hack And Cheats Are Finally Here

SUP Multiplayer Racing is all about racing hard and making your engines roar. It is a perfect multiplayer racing game that will not cost you any money, at least not when you install it. You will compete against real opponents from all around the world. Oh Bibi did a really great job with this game, and that is why it became so popular. And because of that, everyone is now looking for quick ways of...[Read More]

Battle Bay Hack and Cheats Bring Free Pearls and Gold to Everyone

Battle Bay is an intriguing mobile game where you will not only face the real opponents but also make an effort to conquer the waves. It is exciting indeed to take part in real-time battles and make your way to win the game. Surely, the lack of resources (gold, sugar, and pearl) will only result in sinking of your ship and in order to come out of the tricky situation, you must use a working Battle...[Read More]

Gladiator Heroes Hack And Cheats For Diamonds Exclusively Available

Gladiator Heroes hacks are in huge demand as all the players are putting serious efforts in order to win in the arena. That’s because it is a very popular multiplayer game that you can enjoy with your friends and kick out boredom from your hectic lifestyle. There are many mobile games indeed where you are asked to create, manage and defend a territory but with Gladiator Heroes you will enjoy...[Read More]

The Online Race Kings Hacks And Cheats That Can Get You Free Gold

Race Kings is a live head-to-head racing game developed by Hutch Games Ltd, which was released on the 14th March 2017. The main attraction behind it is that it allows you to exclusively race against other players, in real time. It’s a drift-based racing game, so we’ve provided some pointers and advice on how to become a pro at the game along with a Race Kings hack. The game is ideal for somebody w...[Read More]

Titanfall: Assault Hack And Cheats That Get You Tokens & Credits

If you are looking for an easy way up the rankings and something that will help you dominate your opponents. This new Titanfall: Assault Hack Tool will generate tokens and credit for you in a matter of minutes. We decided to share it here because this game has become very popular and everyone is looking to be the best. The generator is easy to use, the first step is to enter your username/email an...[Read More]

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