Cheats for Royal Revolt 2 – Obtain Gems and Pearls by Hacking

Mobile games are there to place us in roles that we possibly couldn’t achieve in real lives. We can be astronauts, superheroes, tycoons, but it seems that a kingdom is what most of us want. At least that’s what you would say if you would judge by the number of games like this on the market. Royal Revolt 2 continues that tradition and puts you in the role of the king. Being a player from the royal ...[Read More]

Battle Bay Hack and Cheats Bring Free Pearls and Gold to Everyone

Battle Bay is an intriguing mobile game where you will not only face the real opponents but also make an effort to conquer the waves. It is exciting indeed to take part in real-time battles and make your way to win the game. Surely, the lack of resources (gold, sugar, and pearl) will only result in sinking of your ship and in order to come out of the tricky situation, you must use a working Battle...[Read More]

Gladiator Heroes Hack And Cheats For Diamonds Exclusively Available

Gladiator Heroes hacks are in huge demand as all the players are putting serious efforts in order to win in the arena. That’s because it is a very popular multiplayer game that you can enjoy with your friends and kick out boredom from your hectic lifestyle. There are many mobile games indeed where you are asked to create, manage and defend a territory but with Gladiator Heroes you will enjoy...[Read More]

War Dragons Hacks, Cheats and Tips for Unlimited Rubies

If you ask people about their favourite fantastic beasts, I’m sure that many of them will answer that they fancy dragons. These majestic creatures that can be incredibly dangerous are often portrayed in games just like War Dragons. Pocket Gems designed a smartphone title that puts you in the role of a dragon lord. You can breed a dragon army on an island and take on other lords to dominate the wor...[Read More]

Madden NFL Football Hack and Cheats for Free Coins Released Online

Do you desire to act as GM of a hugely popular NFL franchise and guide your team to victory? Would you like to add all-time NFL stars in your team and that too without spending any money on coins and player cards? Don’t go anywhere if you want to get answers to these tough questions as here we would like to introduce an efficient and safe Madden NFL Football hack. Till date, gamers worldwide have ...[Read More]

Mobile Legends Review – Gameplay, Heroes, Cheats And The APK

Mobile Legends is a game that comes as close as it is possible to DOTA 2 on portable devices. I know there are dozens of multiplayer online battle arena games for mobile market out there, but Mobile Legends found a special place in my heart for a short while. That is why I will try to review this fantastic game (don’t worry, I will be objective). Aside from that, the article will also list you the...[Read More]

The Best South Park Phone Destroyer Cheats for Free Cash

There have been some lousy TV shows-themed games in the past, but South Park Phone Destroyer is an actual gem for the franchise fans. Although it doesn’t have a stamina bar and allows you to play as much as you want, that doesn’t mean that you don’t encounter a progression wall just like in other mobile releases. Fortunately, there is a lot to play until you reach that point, so you don’t ha...[Read More]

Iron Blade Hack and Cheats Bring Free Gold, Rubies and Keys To Players

Love playing Action-RPG games? Have you heard of Iron Blade game? The world of action-RPG games is set to change with the launch of it. Humanity is in danger with the emergence of demon Lard Baal and it’s cultists; the signs of emerging darkness are pretty strong. In order to save humanity, you are required to join hands with many other players and try to act like a hero. Keep on working on ...[Read More]

City Mania Hacks And Cheats For Free Cash And Coins Revealed

City Building games have always been very popular among gamers of all age. Developed by Gameloft, City Mania is at the top of this genre, with beautiful graphics and great gameplay. The game is free to play but you’ll have to spend money to get some of the items and to speed things up. Almost everything can be bought with cash instead of coins, so the ones who put money into the game clearly...[Read More]

DC Legends Hack & Cheats – Get unlimited gems and essence

DC superheroes have been part of our modern entertainment world as we love to chase them and act like these heroes all the time. It seems like we all like to become Superman and Batman and have great strategies to defeat Super-Villains like Joker. Till date, fans have been following these heroes and villains in movies and comics but now the time has arrived to make a move on and enjoy lovely mobil...[Read More]

Dream League Soccer 17 Hacks And Cheats Are Now Out For Mobile

The Dream League Soccer 17 cheats have finally arrived, and true football lovers must not miss the opportunity to use the online generator and build a perfect team. This is the best chance they have to recruit all the star players and get them on the same team. Because that’s the sole purpose of every player, to be part of the Dream League and even win it. Making your way to soccer stardom i...[Read More]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Hacks and Cheats for Leaf Tickets

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a hit family game in which you develop a Campsite that will attract animal campers to visit and stay in your location. While it’s fun to construct various amenities and improve them, it’s disappointing that it takes either a lot of time or money to speed things up in the game. But thanks to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hacks that have already been released you c...[Read More]

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