Cat Quest Might Be The Most Charming Game Of 2017

Cat Quest

Even though there are still several months left, Cat Quest seems like the most lovable game of the year. When you put your paws on this cute open-world RPG, you will be caught up in an irresistible story that you could play for hours. The GentleBros created a real indie gem with a unique world full of cat-tastic stories and characters.

What’s Cat Quest All About?

It all starts with your ship sunk and sister kidnapped by the evil Drakoth. You found yourself on the shore where Spirry, the spirit that guards you, shows up and tells you to hurry to the town nearby. He urges you to do that because dragons are back to the continent of Felingard once again. Alas, it’s too late as you have to face one. As you defeat the mighty dragon, you realize that you are the descendant of Dragonblood, the line of warriors that used to protect the realm from dragons.

Drakoth then appears in front of you and explains that he summoned the dragons. He did that to find a worthy hero in Felingard. If you manage to prove your worth, he promises to let your sister go. That is where Cat Quest starts.

It’s As Open World as You Want It to Be

There are three more dragons to defeat in the realm, and that is your primary objective in Cat Quest. To beat them, you need to upgrade your skills and strength. The main quest is streamlined, and you can complete the game rather quickly if you stick only to it. However, this RPG release is full of side missions and offers a vast world for you to explore.

There are numerous villages on the continent, such as The Catpital or Mewtown, that have quest boards available. In there, locals will post tasks where they could use your help. You can complete Cat Quest without doing the side missions, but they are an integral part of the game, and they extend the fun.

More Than 60 Side Missions Available in Cat Quest

The world of Felingard is incredibly big and, wherever you go, you can find a task for you. Whenever you accept a quest, it will become your priority for the time. You can’t take more quests at once, which keeps the map clean. When you choose the missions, you will do, pay attention he the advised levels of strength. Various enemies wait for you to face them, and you need to be adequately prepared for them.

In most cases, your task will take you to a particular area or a dungeon where you need to fight some enemies. Once you defeat them, you can return to the person that posted the quest to complete it. The Cat Quest world is big, but you will unlock faster travelling around the map as your progress through the game. That will make moving between towns a breeze and keep the game interesting.

Find Out More about the Intriguing World of Cat Quest

The developers designed the in-game world with great care, and that is noticeable in any side-quest you accept. Each of them puts you on a particular task, and some of them are hilarious. For example, you will need to find a shipment of TV shows that went missing. Other quests will provide insights into the history of Felingard and discover intriguing details about the in the game world.

As we mentioned, you can expect a lot of exploring and fighting across the map of Felingard. You will explore dungeons and fight various monsters by approaching them. You can use melee attacks and different spells that vary in effect and range. The enemies can also attack you, with their range represented by a red target that fills or flashes depending on the type of the assault they are preparing.

In Cat Quest, you can improve your character by earning or discovering various weapons, spells, and armours. You can also level up the existing items if you find another piece of them in the loot you earn. Investing real money to unlock boosts and become stronger quickly is an alternative, but you are not obliged to use it at any moment.

A Game That’s Totally Worth Checking Out

It will take only minutes to get hooked on the in-game world of Cat Quest. The broad range of unique NPCs and the innovative stories they offer will make you ask for more. You can choose whether you want to keep to the main quest or go on more than 60 side missions. Your hero can explore the open-world of Felingard in all directions and fight monsters in high-paced real-time combat. Earning loot will enable you to go to new quests until you finally become worthy of fighting the Dragons and set your sister free. The sure thing is – you will have a lot of fun on your Cat Quest!

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