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Cat Quest APK Plus the Purr-Fect Unlimited Resources Mod

Have you already tried Cat Quest, the latest hit role-playing game for Android? If you haven’t, perhaps now it’s the right time, considering that you can download the modified APK installation file that will provide you unlimited resources for free! But, before we explain to you how to download the APK, let’s take a look at a couple of vital features of the game.

Do You Want to Play the Game for Free?

Experts from RevDl created a modified version of the game and offered it for download. The primary distinction and the reason why you should download this Cat Quest APK is that you’ll be able to play the game for free. There are also moded versions of the APK that will bring you unlimited in-game currency that you can use to upgrade your skills and items. Once you download and install this APK Mod, there will be no match for you in the entire realm of Felingard. You will be able to face each enemy, including the mighty dragons, and release your trapped sister in no time. Downloading Cat Quest APK is the purr-fect way to maximize the fun of playing the game! Use the button below in order to download any of the Cat Quest APK files.


You Will Play As a Cat

Surprised by the fact that the main protagonist of the game called Cat Quest is one of your favorite animals? The game places you in the fantasy world of Felingard, and you get to explore it any way you see fit, considering that this is an open-world RPG with a huge map available. However, you will have a primary objective during your adventure.

Cat Quest APK Mod
Starting out

The evil Drakoth has catnapped your sister, and you want to be the hero and rescue her. That will be the key to the game as your goal will be to become the biggest hero in Felingard. If you manage to do that, Drakoth will agree to let your sister go. Yes, all he wants is to find someone who is worthy of protecting the realm.

The Triple Combo of Cats, Dragons, and Magic

You probably expected cats, we’ve just told you about dragons, but did you know that Felingard is also a world full of magic? You will be exploring more than 60 caves and dungeons in the search to enhance your abilities and skills so that you can face the dragons of the realm. There are four of them in total, and they are your primary opponents.

As for the fighting itself, it is done in real-time, and it is juicy and exciting. The controls are responsive, and everything works smoothly. Even though you will discover how things work quickly, it will still take some skill to defeat trickier opponents along the way.

Cat Quest Boss Fight
Fighting a dragon boss

The primary quest is not that long and, if you only focus on those missions, you can complete the game rather quickly. However, the beauty of the Cat Quest lies in more than 60 side quests. While you roam the world and visit the towns such as Mewtown or Catpital, you will encounter a cast of furry characters that need your help.

Earn Loot by Helping the Residents of Felingard

There are two good reasons why you should complete side missions and help the adorable and unique characters you meet during your path of becoming the hero of the realm. First of all, each quest has its original story, although the task they usually come down to heading to an area and fighting some enemies.

Cat Quest Map
Map of Felingard

Aside from the fact that characters and their stories are adorable, there is also a handsome loot to consider. Rewards that you will reap secure you upgrades of skills, spells, and strength. However, if you would like to take a shortcut to success, you can simply use the Cat Quest APK mod mentioned at the beginning of the article.

So What are You Waiting for?

You now know how great this game is and how you can play it for free by downloading the Cat Quest APK. Install it, and if you enjoy it enough and you’re able to support the developers by purchasing it, then do so. Gentlebros did a great job with this game and they deserve all the support they can get.

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