Below Release

After Five Years, We Will Get to Play Below – the Dungeon Crawler from Capybara

December 14th is scheduled to be the official release date of Below. This is a dungeon crawler that has been in development for five years. Capybara, the indie developer from Canada, announced it at E32013, but they faced huge obstacles while working on it. Those forced the studio to delay the game on more than one occasion – at one point it was uncertain whether it will even see the light of day.

Fortunately for dungeon crawler lovers, the boss of CapybaraNathan Vella appeared at GDC this year and promised that the game will be released until the end of the year. He even told Eurogamer why it took so long to make Below. The guys from EG also got the chance to test the game as the studio director themselves showed them the nearly-finished demo.

“We are proud to finally complete it. There are mixed feelings, including excitement and anxiety. However, I am glad for the entire team that we finally managed to release Below,” said Vella.

Trying to Deliver Nothing but the Best

Although he didn’t mention, he is probably scared of how the gaming community will accept the game, especially a lot of hard work and effort were invested. Below has actually been on the sidelines as the studio was busy releasing other games. However, a team of more than dozen of people ensured to finally complete the title now.

According to Vella, the game is now “big and long.” The developers did make several crucial changes over five years of development, such as the one to implement mostly 3Dgraphics. The maps will be procedurally generated and the game will feature the crafting systems, as well as secrets that you will have to reveal.

A Real Challenge for Gamers

It seems that Below will be a challenging game as the combat will be risky and high-paced and it will not be an easy job to stay alive. The boss of the developing studio revealed that this was a big project for essentially a small company as they implemented numerous systems that had to work well together.

“We believe that this will influence any future project that we do. However, we are hoping that our next game will be entirely different, ”said Vella. Fortunately, he revealed that developing Below for years hasn’t affected the studio’s finances. If you are interested in the game, you will be able to buy it on Steamonce it releases on December 14th.

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