You Can Play Final Fantasy XV Demo on PC Today!


It has been over a year since Final Fantasy XV appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It got positive reviews, but it still left PC players wanting to play the game. Now, the release date set for the March 6th, 2018, is getting closer and Square Enix wants to raise the hype among PC gamers. That is why they decided to make the demo version of FF 15 available for a free download. As of today, you will be able to try the game before you decide on purchasing it.

How to Download the Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition Demo?

Final Fantasy XV is listed for sale in all the major online stores. That means you can both purchase the game and try the demo in several places, including:

Keep in mind that the official release of the demo is February 26th. If it is still not available in your region, be patient and check again in a few hours. Also, note that you need to be registered in the respective online store to try the demo offered.

What Can We Expect in the Final Fantasy XV Demo?

The best way to find that out is to check the official announcement from Square Enix posted several days ago. They emphasized in the post that you will be able to complete the tutorial and play the opening chapter of the game. That should be more than enough to have a taste of Final Fantasy 15 until the full version releases. This will also come in handy if you are not sure whether your PC can run the game. If you can play the demo without problems, you will be able to enjoy the full game as well.

If you like FF XV demo, you can consider buying the game before it hits the digital shelves on the March 6th. If you pre-purchase the release, you will get some sweet bonuses. The publisher revealed that you will get a Half-Life pack for free if you buy the game via Steam. The package includes a Noctis’ costume inspired by Gordan Freeman, which you will also be able to use in the FF 15 multiplayer expansion. Those who purchase the game via Steam will receive FFXV Fashion Collection.

However, if you purchase the full version via Microsoft Store, you can expect a Power-Up Pack instead of the above collection. On the other hand, if you decide to buy via Origin, you can expect an FFXV Decal Selection for free. Square Enix revealed that Origin users can also expect other free extras to be announced soon.

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