Call of Duty: WW2 – New Gameplay, Multiplayer, Zombies Details

The Call of Duty franchise desperately needs an innovation or something that will reboot the series and return to the path of success. The latest attempt in doing something like that is Call of Duty: WW2, the game that will return the players to Second World War. Most of the recent games of the COD franchise were set shortly and, although they did nothing wrong but only followed the formula that worked, they were criticized for lacking innovation. The critics were not wrong, and Activision seems to have realized that. That is why the series returned to its roots in a way, and WW2 brings a jump back in time and some old-fashioned warfare.

Back to the World War Setting after 10 Years

Believe it or not, Call of Duty didn’t place a single game in the WW2 period ever since 2008, making it almost a decade without visiting that era. This time, Sledgehammer Games, a subsidiary of Activision that worked on COD: Advanced Warfare and COD: Modern Warfare 3, will try to offer a realistic portrayal of the Second World War.

The main protagonist is not a general or something like that, but rather a ‘simple’ soldier. You will take control of Private Red Daniels from the US 1st Infantry Division. You and your unit are sent to Europe, where you will help the allies pursue their cause. The plot is expected to be deeper than the previous installments, although you shouldn’t expect too complex narratives.

cod ww2 campaign

The focus of the single player campaign seems to be on the brotherhood and companionships because other members of your squad also play a significant role in any battle. You will need to place your attention on working together with teammates controlled by the AI. Each member of the team has a purpose, so if you lose a medic, you won’t be able to count on health packs anymore during that mission. Furthermore, you can exchange ammunition and other equipment within the squad, which means that it is in your interest to keep as many men alive.

According to what the developers reveal, some “iconic battles of the era” will be revisited by Call of Duty: WW2. That means that you will get the chance to play at historic locations, such as Hürtgen Forest (a brutal battle occurred there) or Normandy during D-Day. The focus will undoubtedly remain in Europe, but there is a bunch of options to exploit when it comes to the Second World War on that continent.

A New (and Better?) Approach to Multiplayer

Unfortunately, not a lot of information is available for Call of Duty: World War II at the moment, but there is a thing or two we know about multiplayer. Considering the period the game is set in, you shouldn’t expect advanced gadgets and equipment such as exo-suits. That means that the gameplay in multiplayer will be more focused on ‘boots on the ground.’

We found out at the E3 2017 that we can expect new multiplayer modes, as well as new features and maps. The War Mode seems to be the most interesting, considering that it will be a competitive experience that will have a background story. In its core, it will still focus on Allies vs. Axis battles, but the adding of context to combat can be an exciting addition. Just imagine; what if you can take the Axis and turn around the tide of the war by changing the outcome of a major battle?

I’m sure that the players will love the fact that Zombies mode is making its return in COD: WW2. You will be fighting Nazi zombies in an alternate reality where the Axis found the secret of reviving the dead. It will feature a multiplayer experience where you and the gang will battle hordes of the undead coming in waves trying to survive for as long as possible. The developers revealed that we might have some additional background story related to the Zombies mode.

A New Approach to Player and Weapon Customization

Aside from the changes made to the multiplayer, the most significant change in Call of Duty: WW2 is related to the customization of soldiers and weapons. Instead of classes, we know have divisions we can choose from. Each of them has categories of weapons they can use, as well as a particular style on the battlefield. Here are the divisions that will be offered when the full version launches:

  • Infantry – soldiers in front lines that can pack a self-loading pistol or a semi-automatic rifle. More skilled in offensive situations
  • Armored – heavy weapons and armor and high They can pack a bazooka or LMG which can inflict enormous damage, but they are much slower than infantry
  • Airborne – they can use a submachine gun you can use to exploit a more tactical approach to combat. They can also use smoke grenades
  • Mountain – with access to snipers, they are the ones you look for when you need to hit the enemy from afar
  • Expeditionary – shotgun is their weapon of choice, and they are an excellent pick for personal and up close fighting

call of duty ww2 weapons

Call of Duty: WW2 and Battlefield 1 Comparison

Considering that Battlefield 1 depicts the World War 1 atmosphere and Call of Duty: WW2 puts us in the Second World War, the comparison between the two can’t be avoided. There are some similarities between the games, such as the fact that the multiplayer will be ridden of advanced gadgets in both. However, the most significant advantage that WW2 offers is much more varied weapons and the Division system for customization of players and weaponry.

battlefield 1 vs call of duty ww2

WW2 is also a newer game, which means that it will feature an even more fantastic graphics (BF 1 wasn’t bad in that area either). Aside from that, the biggest advantage of the fresh installment is that Sledgehammer Games are trying to create a more complex plot for both multiplayer modes and single-player campaign.

Call of Duty: WW2 is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2017, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you buy COD: WW2, you get into the beta as well!

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