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Call of Duty: Warzone Developers Are Just as Frustrated With Cheaters as We Are


Virtually every online multiplayer game has a cheater problem, but the issue is particularly noticeable in the case of Call of Duty: Warzone. The highly popular free-to-play FPS has been a massive success for Activision and developer Raven Software, amassing over 100 million players to date. Unfortunately, a good number of them have been engaging in various forms of cheating in spite of the developer’s best efforts to crack down on this type of behavior. The situation has proven to be frustrating not just for players but also for the folks over at Raven.

In a recent interview with VGC, Creative Director Amos Hodge stated at “no one hates cheaters more than we do.” The developer went on to say that Raven has an experienced security team tasked with punishing players caught cheating. And while many of them were struck by their mighty banhammer over the past year, there are plenty of cheaters who managed to get away.

One of the main reasons Call of Duty: Warzone is plagued by cheaters and hackers has to do with the game’s free-to-play nature. If you’re caught cheating in a paid game and your account ends up getting banned, you’ve essentially lost the money you spent on it. That alone is a deterrent for many. But that’s not really a problem when it comes to free-to-play games like COD: Warzone. You can easily create a new account if your current one gets banned without spending a penny. Sure, they might ban your IP but these days there are plenty of ways of getting around that.

Hodge says that his team is working on new updates designed to combat cheating. For now, though, it seems like cheaters are finding exploits faster than Raven can push out fixes. Just a couple of days ago reports have started coming in that some players have already found ways to cheat in the new Warzone map, Verdansk ’84. A video posted on the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit shows how easy it is to glitch below the new map from locations like the airport or the stadium. The worst part (or best, depending on who is using the exploit) is that cheaters can shoot you from beneath the map but you can’t shoot back at them. Needless to say, that’s a pretty big problem for those on the receiving end.

Raven Software hasn’t made any official statements regarding the newest glitch but the developers are likely working on a fix as we speak. If you run into the glitch yourself make sure to submit a bug report.