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Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Brings With It New Map and Rewards


While season 3 is currently in full swing for Call of Duty Warzone, the mobile version is almost ready to enter its fourth season. Known as Spurned & Burned, COD Mobile season 4 will feature a western theme, complete with cowboy hats and a desert map. Players can also expect fresh story missions, new gear, balance changes, Battle Pass rewards, a special event, and more. The developers are really going all out with this one. Let’s take a closer look at what’s coming in season 4.

New Map

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 you’re in for a treat because the excellent Dome Multiplayer map found in that game is making its way to COD Mobile. The map will be ported over with very few modifications but, then again, it doesn’t really need any. Dome has a great desert aesthetic that fits the theme of the new season perfectly.

Along with Dome, the developers are also introducing two new game modes in Spurned & Burned. First off, you have Capture the Gold, a mode that puts an interesting twist on the classic Capture the Flag formula by having the gold carrier drop various power-ups upon their death. These buffs can then be picked up by enemy players to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

The other mode is a straightforward 1v1 Duel. To win a duel against an enemy player you’ll need to reach seven kills in order to take a round. The first player to win a total of three rounds wins the overall match. 1v1 Duel won’t be available right away but the developers have stated that the mode will arrive sometime later in the season. Two additional maps known as Coastal and Tunisia will be introduced later on as well.

Battle Pass Rewards

There will be plenty of rewards to look forward to in season 4 for everyone, regardless of whether you own a Premium Battle Pass or not. There will be a number of items that unlock at free tiers, such as the Hawk X3 Scorestreak, the MK2 Marksman Rifle, the Saddled Charm, the Cyborg Showdown Calling Card, and the Wagon Wheel camo, to name just a few. The most interesting items will only unlock at Tier 14 and higher so it’s probably going to take you a while before you can get your hands on them. But the wait will definitely be well worth it.

As you might image, Premium Battle Pass holders will be able to unlock even more great rewards throughout season 4. These include a new Bounty Hunter, the Razorback Stirrup, the Standoff at Dusk Calling Card, and many more. Even better, interesting rewards start unlocking as early as Tier 1.

Seasonal Event and Challenges

A new seasonal even known as High Noon Chase will be available as soon as COD Mobile season 4 launches. Just as its name indicates, the event is all about chasing fugitives and bringing them to swift justice. If that’s not your thing, you can track enemies with the Heartbeat Sensor in the new seasonal challenge. The Heartbeat Sensor is a new item that replaces the Tactical Grenade for the duration of the challenge. An additional challenge involving a new LMG will also be released at some point in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 is set to launch on May 26th at 5 PM (PT). That’s just a few hours away as of this writing. If you haven’t played the game before now would be a great time to check it out.