Call of Duty Black Ops 4 First Sales Day

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Broke Some Records on Its First Day of Sale

Activision must be impressed with the numbers that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 achieved during the first day of sale. As they say, facts do not lie and facts now speak that BO4 had the best-selling day one when it comes to digital releases in the history of Activision. The previous installment, COD: WWII, held this record, but the new shooter surpassed it.

If you take into account the global market, Activision had some great success on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The day one was officially the best one in the history of company’s sales on PS Store, as well as when it comes to sold Xbox copies of a single game. is a place where PC sales take place and Black Ops 4 had incredible success there, too. The previous installment in the series was available on Steam, but it seems that moving to a new distribution platform was a smart move. In fact, the numbers were doubled now compared to the sales of WWII.

The numbers remain more than positive even if you take a look at the number of players that connected to test the multiplayer modes of the game. We do not have any details, but there was an increase in the number of online-present players. In fact, the company hasn’t shared any exact data, but there is no reason not to trust them. In fact, that decision is not a surprise since there is a trend that large publishers do not reveal the exact number of sales anymore.

What about Physical Sales?

The physical sales seem the follow the overall trend that fewer and fewer people are choosing to have hard copies of their games. Compared to the previous release, COD: Black Ops 4 had over 50% fewer sales of physical copies of the game. What is interesting is that the sales were never this low since COD 4: Modern Warfare appeared in 2007.

The important thing, however, is that many people are playing the game and it seems it has been getting positive reviews. Aside from classic multiplayer modes, you can battle against zombies, as well as participate in Blackout, which is the COD’s official Battle Royale mode.

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