Call of Duty WWII Free for the Weekend, Full Version on Sale


Do you feel like playing Call of Duty WWII? The lovers of the franchise were more than happy when the new installment in the series appeared. Although it has some quirks and bugs, it turned out to be the highest-grossing game last year for the region of North America.

According to the latest news, Activision wants to attract even more players to COD WWII. That is why they decided on a promotion that involves allowing everyone to play for free during the weekend. The game is already available on Steam, and it will be free until tomorrow. The promotion expires on Sunday, February 25, at 21:00 GMT (16:00 EST and 13:00 PST).

How to Play Call of Duty WWII for free?

During the trial weekend, you can head to the game page at the Steam store. Once you are there, you will notice the link for playing the “multiplayer free weekend.” It may be hard to see where it is at first, but it is above the listed versions available from the sale.

After you choose the promotion, Steam will proceed to download the COD WWII to your PC, and you will be eligible for playing soon. There is still more than 24 hours left on trial, which means you have plenty of time to test the game if you haven’t played it so far.

How to Purchase Call of Duty WWII on Sale?

While you are playing the Call of Duty WWII trial, you might happen to like the game so much that you want to purchase it. Fortunately, Activision has prepared a promotion there, too. You can now buy the standard edition of the game for $38.99, which would be 35% off the regular price. As for the Digital Deluxe edition, you can purchase it for $74.99, which is $25 off the regular cost.

As explained by the developers in their post on Steam, you can keep all the progression you make during the trial and transfer it to the full version. The same goes for any unlockables and inventory items. Keep in mind that you can purchase the game on sale by the end of February.

Activision is also preparing the next installment in the franchise. According to rumors, it will be Call of Duty Black Ops 4, which is expected to be released during 2018. It was confirmed that it will be developed by Treyarch studio.

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