Cake Bash

Will Cake Bash Be the New User Favorite Food-Themed Game?

I don’t think I know a person who doesn’t like cakes. Even when you have like a thousand of them (like me for Christmas), your love still isn’t gone. If you think you cannot eat anymore, how about playing a wonderful cake-themed game called Cake Bash?

Before we discuss the game, let’s take a look at the announcement trailer:

As you can see, some may consider this game a bit violent, but the graphics are so adorable that you simply enjoy every second of the video. Cake Bash is a competitive game in which the desserts are competing for the tastiest one. It is not easy to get this title, especially since the competition is out to get you. The opponents have the chance to beat you (if you let them), as well as put terrible things on you, which makes you less tasteful.

The creators didn’t consider this was enough, so they added a whole new deal of problems, including a hermit crab and hungry pigeons. An additional problem is poop, which can be all over the place and you need to avoid it to remain tasty. This makes sense because did anyone ever ate a poop cake and enjoyed it?

A Simple Yet Ambitious Game

Cake Bash is being developed by High Tea Frog and they have high expectations from the game. According to them, the goal was to create a simple control scheme so that fans of all ages can enjoy playing. There will still be a certain level of complexity as you will have the opportunity to run and use various attacks and firearms to make things intriguing.

The game will definitely include various modes to suit everyone’s preference. We have some other food-themed releases that are fantastic options for family fun, such as Overcooked 2, and it seems that Cake Bash is looking to follow in their footsteps.

If you want an opportunity to spend an amazing family afternoon and settle down all your conflicts in the virtual world, this can be the ideal chance. There is no official release date yet and the only information the developers revealed is that Cake Bash will be available during 2019. According to rumours, it should hit the digital shelves early this year.

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