Breach Is a Promising Co-Operative Dungeon Crawler Hitting Early Access Soon

Breach Early Access

Who doesn’t love a good dungeon crawler? Things get even more exciting when you get the opportunity to form a squad with your buddies and fight the monsters and other dangers together. This is precisely the idea behind Breach, a new title focusing on co-operative dungeon crawling. The game is being developed by QC Games and should enter the Early Access at the beginning of next year.

While Breach allows you to create a team and head into the dungeon, there is a twist involved. The boss of all monsters in the dungeon is a demonic master which is also human-controlled. It virtually means that the team of players entering the dungeon will play against the one acting as the dungeon master. Take a look at the trailer here.

When you check out the video, you may notice that the game is a weird mixture of the modern world with mythology and magic. There are several classes and a combination of martial and mystical skills will all be at your disposal.

Choose Your Class Wisely

When it comes to classes being available, you can select some of the following ones:

  • Elementalist – use earthquakes and meteors to your advantage
  • Gunslinger – as the name suggests, you will be using weapons to inflict damage on opponents
  • Swordsman – a type of character perfect for aerial combat in the style of Devil May Cru
  • Lich – you are virtually immortal until someone finds a phylactery that is the only thing that can destroy you

These may not be all the classes available, but only the four that the developers revealed so far. In fact, the studio has revealed that another class called Chronomancer will be revealed during the technical alpha testing in the following days.

As for those who prefer to be on the dark side, they will play as veil demons. Their task is to possess creatures, place traps, and be creative in causing issues for the team looking to push through the dungeon.

You can add Breach to your wish list on the Steam distributing platform. Although you are expected to buy the game if you want to play it in the Early Access, the full version is planned to be free to play.

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