What You Need to Know About the Latest Brawl Stars Update

Brawl Stars Update

Brawl Stars has been in the soft launch phase for about four months. Ever since the first release in June, Supercell put great effort in updating the game and making it even better. We had the chance of meeting Piper, a new brawler, as well as see various changes in the in-game balance. All that resulted in Brawl Stars being entirely different than when the first release. That is why we decided to focus on how the game looks at this moment and after the latest September update.

What Does the Latest Update Bring?

The last in the series of Brawl Stars updates was a major one. It included two new characters you can play with, a new playing mode coupled with two extra maps, as well as a bunch of changes that should contribute to the gaming experience. Supercell is apparently trying to make the game work, and it seems that we are close to an Android worldwide release.

Two Female Additions to the Brawl Stars Lineup

It appears that the developers wanted to spice things up by adding two new female characters, which increases the roster to 18 brawlers that we can use for fighting our enemies. The first edition to the Brawl Stars lineup is Pam, who is an epic fighter with a gun that reminds of a vacuum. She uses her weapon to rapid-fire scrap metal at her opponents. Pam’s Super is a stationary healing turret that you can use to heal all your teammates in its vicinity.

New Brawlers

The Two New Brawlers

The inspiration for Tara was found in fortune tellers. She is a mythic brawler that uses triple tarot cards as her primary attack. As for the Super ability, she calls gravity to help to create a black hole that draws in enemies that are close by. After entrapping them for a couple of seconds, it explodes and deals moderate damage to each one of them.

Brawl Ball Is the New Game Mode

Aside from fresh characters, Supercell also implemented another mode in Brawl Stars. It is called Brawl Ball, and it resembles a game of football (European football or soccer if you like). There are goals on each end of the map, while the ball emerges in the center. The idea is to carry the ball to the goal on the opposing side and score.

Brawl Ball

Playing Brawl Ball

That won’t be easy because the enemies will attack you on the way. It’s even harder because the player carrying the ball can’t perform an attack. That means that cooperation is vital to winning in Brawl Ball, just like in other Brawl Stars modes. The first team to score two goals secures the win and takes the rewards.

New Maps for Bounty and Heist Modes

Brawl Ball enjoys the same status as the remaining game modes in Brawl Stars. That means that you can play it as a rotating event. It comes with three entirely new maps created exclusively for Brawl Ball. However, there are also new plans for Bounty and Heist.

Groundhog Burrow is the name of the location now available in Bounty mode. There is a lot of grass at the center of the area, as well as walls that players can use for protection. As for the Heist, the new G.G. Corral map uses wooden crates with dynamites to hide a safe inside it. That means the defenders will need to be extra careful because they can’t be standing next to the crates until they get blown up.

Important Gameplay Changes

The latest update of Brawl Stars also comes with significant changes when it comes to gameplay. For starters, players will now emerge with two stars in Bounty mode. Up until now, they only spawned with a single star, but this was doubled and is applied to both beginning of the match and when you die. Also, the star located in the middle of the map won’t have any effect on your Bounty count if you manage to pick it up.

Aside from that, it’s noticeable that the Heist mode underwent some changes, too. The health of the safe was lowered on three maps – Safe Zone, Kaboom Canyon, and Bandit Stash. All this should contribute to the game feeling more balanced regardless of being on the defensive or the offensive side.

Brawl Stars Character Updates

Supercell is constantly listening to the feedback of the community and makes changes in Brawl Stars accordingly. That is how they decided to make the following modifications when it comes to character adjustments:

  • Brock and Jessie are now Epic brawlers
  • Bo, Poco, and Ricochet now belong in the category of Super Rare brawlers, which is a new addition to the game
  • Mortis and newly-created Tara are in the Mythic group, which was also included in the latest update

Some of the brawlers are now not that easy to collect. The exception is Bo, whom you can now acquire for as low as 20 chips.

Other Changes in Brawl Stars Latest Update

There is a new Season system implemented, which awards you with some extra gold based on trophies won. Supercell also included detection of AFK players, which will now be auto-kicked from the game.  Three new Brawlers Boxes have also been added: Rare, Super Rare and Epic, along with a Big Box that contains 10 normal boxes. There were also improvements to the graphics and sound, as well as many other small modifications to improve the gaming experience overall. You can see the entire list of changes in the Brawl Stars the latest update on Reddit.

New Brawl Boxes

When Can We Play Brawl Stars on Android?

Supercell is still leaving us hanging when it comes to a full worldwide version of Brawl Stars, as well as the Android release. However, the fact that they released a major update to the game is encouraging. Furthermore, the developers are making significant changes to the shop. Considering that revenue is the crucial thing that decides whether the game leaves soft launch that means that they are giving their best to prepare Brawl Stars for a full release.

At this moment, you can only play Brawl Stars for iOS and in Canada, but the chances are that the global and Android release will come soon.

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