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Brawl Stars Game Modes Guide: Heist, Bounty, Smash & Grab and Showdown

Are you looking for a game that you can play on your smartphone with your friends and have a bunch of fun? Brawl Stars is the new MOBA that will bring an incredible amount of action to your devices! If you haven’t tried it recently, it’s a fresh release from Supercell, a team known to make only excellent games. It offers up to 10 players to participate in team and individual battles in the online arena while trying to come out as a winner. We talked about the maps available in this game here, so now we’ll talk about the game modes. There are four modes available in Brawl Stars, and we analyzed them for you so that you can see what you can expect.


The first of Brawl Stars game modes we will mention is Heist. It is a 3vs3 battle where competitors are divided into two teams. One gang has been given a safe to look after, and they have to protect it for the duration of the match. On the other hand, the other team has the task of turning into robbers for the round. Their goal will be to destroy the safe by shooting at it enough.

It’s simple to determine a winner in the Heist mode of Brawl Stars. Once the timer expires if the defending team managed to keep the safe in its possession they would be pronounced the winner. The defenders start on one side of the map with a safe worth about 5500 hit points. The attackers will be on the opposite part of the arena, and they need to find out a way to shoot at the safe enough to destroy it.

The tactics and teamwork play a crucial role here. For example, you can try to go around the map and try to get from behind while your teammates are keeping the opponents busy. There is always the option to go guns blazing from the first moment, which might be more fun. At the moment, you can’t choose whether you want to be on the offensive or the defensive end; Brawl Stars decides that for you randomly.

Brawl Stars Game Modes


The next Brawl Stars mode that we present is Bounty. If strategy mattered in Heist, here, you will focus on old-fashioned shooting and blow your opponent away. Bounty might be the most arcade mode in Brawl Stars of all. It also offers a battle with six players divided into two teams of three members each. However, the number of kills is the only thing that matters here.

There are no particular objectives that you need to complete, aside to shoot your rivals. One match lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and the winner is the team that comes out with more points. Each killing gets you some points and here is where Bounty comes with a twist.

As you kill more and more enemies, you will generate a wanted level. It will manifest in the number of stars you can see over your character. The wanted level can go up to 7 stars. The one who kills a player with, for example, wanted the level of 7 will get that many points for their team. That means that some killings are more worth than the other. That being said, it means that one or two right-timed kills might overturn the tide of the match and bring you the victory, which contributes to the thrill even more.

Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab is unique among the Brawl Stars game modes offered. It’s also a 3vs3 team battle where the main goal is to get more gems than your opponents. Gems will spawn one by one every 10 seconds or so. Considering that the maps are large, the gems will emerge close to the middle of the map, which can be regarded as a neutral territory.

The first team that manages to get the gem collects a point. However, the twist in the Smash and Grab mode is that you also need to keep the gems in your possession. To do that, you simply need to protect the player(s) that has gems and keep them alive. If a player is holding it dies, the gems will be up for grabs by all the other players on the field.

The objective of the Smash and Grab mode in Brawl Stars is to be the first team that collects ten gems. You also have to keep them for at least 16 seconds to be declared a winner. If you want a tip, you should think about spreading collection of the gems to more than one player. If a single competitor has eight gems, for example, and he gets killed, that team will lose all the gems they had, and it might be tricky to recover.


If you are tired of playing in a team, Brawl Stars offers an alternative. It comes in the form of the Showdown mode, where ten players are each fighting for themselves in one of the huge arenas available. The winner of the showdown is the last man standing.

You need to select one of the brawlers and head to the battlefield. There, you ‘simply’ have to survive. Of course, that is not such a simple task when nine other players are aiming to shoot you. You will have the help of the power-ups that will improve your attack power and provide a boost of hit points. Power-ups come in two forms – either from TNT boxes or when you shoot another player.

If you think that avoiding opponents is the way to win in this game, think again. It might work in the starting phase of the battle, but the map will shrink as the match progresses. That narrows the playing area and inevitably leads to facing other players/

How Does the Game Mode Rotation Work?

Brawl Stars implements rotation when it comes to the availability of the game modes. There are a total of four slots available, although you don’t have all of them at your disposal at first (you unlock them as you level up). Each of those slots offers one game mode for a period of between 12 and 24 hours. When the time expires, it gets substituted with a new mode on a purely random basis.

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