Brawl Stars Brawlers Guide

Brawl Stars Brawlers And How To Pick The Right Character Everytime

Have you tried Brawl Stars yet? If you didn’t, head to the app store on your phone and download this incredible new gem of the MOBA genre to your device for free. It offers an online arena where you can participate in both individual and team battles. The crucial factor of whether you win or lose might depend on selecting the right brawler for the fight. So, let’s take a look at the list of Brawl Stars brawlers and hot to pick the right character.

How to Pick the Right Brawler in Brawl Stars?

There are four categories of characters in Brawl Stars – common, rare, epic and legendary. Choosing the right brawler depends on a lot of factors, including the type of player you are and the mode you are playing. We discussed the game modes in a recent article which you can check out here. In general, if you are a beginner, we suggest using Shelly, Bull or El Primo in your first matches. However, take a look at our introduction to brawlers and see which characters seem fitting for you the most.

Brawl Stars Characters


There is a total of 16 characters available in Brawl Stars (so far), and we will list them alphabetically, which is why we will start with Barley. He is a rare brawler that can inflict a lot of damage from long range. Considering that he is brutal on the offensive end, you should consider upgrading his super ability first.

Barley’s strength lay in the wide area and extended the range of regular attack. That means you can keep him covered beyond a wall and inflict some damage from afar. He can also deal damage to multiple enemies if they are located in a smaller area. On the downside, Mortis, El Primo, and Shelly might prove difficult matchups if they get in range because they can quickly kill Barley.


Bo is an epic brawler whose hidden mines are a danger to enemies, and he can also shoot from good range. He fires a total of 3 arrows, which provides certain width to his attacks. The mines he uses can come particularly in handy for defending against heists. You can use him to hide mines that will keep enemies from getting close to the safe.

Bo also has much health, which is why you should focus on upgrading his attack skills first. His weakness is letting the enemy close, which is when he is particularly vulnerable.



Brock falls into the category of typical brawlers, which means he is an expendable asset. He also fits for fighting without getting close to your enemies. You might use him to keep the enemies away from choke points at the beginning of the battle. However, once the opponents get close to Brock, you can see his weaknesses as he can be destroyed quickly.

His super ability can be used for destroying cover and walls, as well as dealing high damage from long range. Brock would be a much better brawler if it weren’t for his fragility. You can use him to keep enemies far from you, but he is not useful for the real battle.


Bull is a rare character which can come in handy for the heist and showdown modes. He is incredibly strong and can take a lot of damage. Aside from his durability, he can also deal an incredible amount of damage, especially with a point-blank shot. The fact that he can survive for long on the playing field makes him an excellent individual choice for a showdown, as well as the crystal holder in the Smash and Grab.

The downside of using Bull is that his attacks are short-ranged, which leaves him to being vulnerable from a distance. He might be a defensive character, but if you use him smartly, Bull can be pretty useful. You should be careful when using his super ability because it might propel you into toxic clouds.



Colt is another common character which has that American touch to him. He is a classic long-range attacker with the considerable potential of dealing damage. However, he lacks a broad spectrum of moves. He doesn’t have escape abilities, movement buffs, or crowd control abilities, making him a sitting duck most of the times.

Aside from that, his health meter isn’t big either, and better brawlers can kill him with a single shot. Perhaps one of the worst characters in Brawl Stars, Colt may be used only as a support for his stronger teammates.


The next brawler from Brawl Stars we present is Crow, which is a legendary character who is incredibly endurable. He is very agile and can deal a whole lot of damage from long range. Crow is also fantastic at kiting, and his super ability is invincibility frame, which also can give you a couple of extra moments on the battlefield.

Crow’s downside is his super skill, which comes with a casting delay and allows opponents to avoid his attack quickly. However, he might be one of the best-animated brawlers in Brawl Stars.



Dynamike looks like a bit of a drinker, which might be the reason why he is only a standard brawler. Just like other heroes from this category, he can be used as a support to other teammates. His damage area is wide, which means he can inflict damage from multiple opponents if you shoot at the right moment.

A part of the game where Dynamike comes in handy is map control, precisely due to his ability to deal damage to an area. He should be kept on the defensive end, and he is not useful when facing rivals alone because he is rather fragile. You can also use him for destroying cover and walls, which can come in handy in Heist and Smash and Grab modes.

El Primo

Although he is just a common brawler in Brawl Stars, El Primo is a fantastic player for various game modes. First of all, he is as solid as a character can be in this release (1300 hit points). Despite being a melee brawler, El Primo’s range of attack is quite long. Aside from that, he can also hit the opponents really hard.

I liked his Flying Elbow Drop move because it is used on both ends. On the offensive end, you can use it to isolate a player from their team, but it can also help you escape when you are defending. El Primo might be the best brawler to use in the Showdown mode due to his strength. He is also amazing for other modes, as long as you make sure that you don’t suffer from overconfidence and leave your team hanging.

El Primo


Just like El Primo, Jessie is another incredibly thankful common brawler. It seems that Brawl Stars’ characters could do a bit of balancing (which is something that the developers are working on and we might see it in the full version of the game). At this moment, Jessie is an all-around brawler you can use in most of the game modes.

The thing with Jessie is that she doesn’t have an area where she excels, but she does many things right. She has a decent range, as well as a super ability that can inflict a lot of damage. However, her hit points could be a bit higher, but it doesn’t prevent her from being extremely useful as a support player. You can use Jessie to deal damage to multiple enemies, and you might consider using your primary attack at the very start of the battle because of this.


The next Brawl Stars character we present is Mortis. He belongs to the epic category but has a small health pool. He overcomes this with his super skill that enables him to regenerate. That is why you should consider using him in Smash and Grab to collect and keep the crystals.

Mortis’ regular attack can be used for escaping and closing gaps. However, the amount of damage he deals is pretty average, especially considering that he is a melee brawler. Aside from that, he can’t break walls or cover.



Another common character that will come particularly in handy as support is Nita. She arrives in the package with a bear, which can provide a fourth player for your team. Her attack range is decent, but she also can be used on the defensive end. Nita can send a bear to find hidden enemies, which can be of crucial importance during the battle.

Nita probably has the best super skill in the game thanks to her bear. However, she has average HP, which might be one of her only weaknesses. Statistics say that she is one of the best showdown heroes in Brawl Stars.


Piper doesn’t look as she is a big danger, but we know how looks can be deceptive. She is a sniper shooter that is incredibly efficient from long range. In fact, the farther you are, the more damage you can deal with Piper. That is why she is perfect for Bounty maps, of which you can learn more by going to this article.

Piper’s super skill can break cover and walls, as well as help her escape when needed. However, she does have a big weakness, which is a long reload time. That is why you should always think about taking cover when playing with Piper. You should also know that she is vulnerable when an enemy gets close.



If we take a look at Poco, we would probably think he originates from Mexico. He is a rare brawler in Brawl Stars that can control parts of the map thanks to his decent range. Poco can also use his super ability for healing his teammates close to him, which means he can be the support a team needs in crucial moments.

While you probably shouldn’t use Poco for individual battles, his healing skills make him an integral part of the team. However, he can’t break walls or even deal a lot of damage to better brawlers. The general tip for playing with Poco is to be defensively oriented and constantly be on the move so that the enemies will have trouble shooting you. That way you can come in handy and heal your teammates when they need that.


Ricochet uses bullets than the bounce off walls, which means he can be an incredibly tricky match for opponents. His range is rather long, and he can deal a considerable amount of damage. However, close range brawlers such as Mortis can be a difficult matchup for Ricochet once he is in their vicinity.

Ricochet might require another player to protecting him and keep the rivals to get close to him. In those terms, he can be extremely valuable with his long-range damage. His characteristics make him perfect for team battles, but you should avoid Ricochet in showdowns.


Pay close attention to this girl. She might only be a common brawler, but she is a real gem in Brawl Stars. Aside from that, Shelly will be the first character you will unlock in the game. There is a reason for that, considering that it’s pretty easy to play with her. Shelly is a versatile character that does a lot of things good, making her a major asset for all game modes.

When Shelly is at point blank range, she can deal an incredible amount of damage. Her attack area is wide, which means that she can take out more opponents at once. That also makes her appropriate for controlling parts of the map.

However, she does come with a couple of weaknesses. Shelly is quite lousy at close range, and she doesn’t have a gap closer when she is in pursuit.



Spike is a legendary character, which excels at slowing down the rivals. Whenever you use a regular or super attack with Spike in Brawl Stars, the enemies will be slowed down. The fact that he can use his attack in all directions makes it more efficient and hard to dodge.

As for his weaknesses, Spike is catastrophic at close range and doesn’t have a big health pool. That is why your primary goal when using him should be to keep enemies at a distance.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the pros and cons of each of the brawlers, the only thing left for you to do is to unlock and fully upgrade them. That way no matter what the game mode or map you’re playing on, you’ll be fully prepared.

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