Borderlands 3 Will Be Officially Announced on March 28th?

Borderlands 3 Announcement

It seems that we can expect Borderlands 3 soon! If you like to believe rumours and community gossips, the announcement should happen before the end of March. While we do are not fans of leaks spreading on Reddit, this time the source is the company itself.

Gearbox has decided to post an image on their official Twitter account that mentions March 28. The picture is nothing else than a sign in the middle of a desert that also lists Boston, MA, as the location.

Now, it is an obvious teaser of the upcoming PAX East 2019 and the fact that the company will be present there. How did we conclude that it has anything to do with Borderlands 3?

The key clue is the style of the image. Everything was done so that you can clearly place it in the Borderlands universe. The graphics have a similar cartoonish and vivid style, and that fits with the franchise.

Another interesting detail is the top right corner of the photo. If you check it out carefully, it says “exit,” and there is a number that can’t be anything else than “3.” It could all be a coincidence, but if we learned something about the world of video gaming, it is that we do not believe in coincidences.

Big Things are Coming

Gearbox is preparing something exciting for the upcoming show in Boston. We do not doubt that because the studio announced “reveals that we have never seen before.”

If you analyze that sentence, you may think that the team plans on announcing a completely new IP that has nothing to do with Borderlands. But then again, the reveal of BL3 is something that we have never seen before.

It is a true puzzler, which is why we have to be patient until the PAX East 2019 officially kicks off. Who knows, maybe Gearbox will publish further teases in the meantime to spur our imagination.

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